10 Most Heavily Guarded Locations

September 29, 2020
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  1. terry dawkins says:

    area 51 is in Nevada.

  2. Dooglas says:

    thats what they want you to think.

  3. nubwaxer says:

    Area 51 is a top secret aerospace development and testing site. forget the imaginary aliens.

    1. Darcy says:

      You’re simple Jedi mind tricks will not work on me

      1. Alex says:

        Heavenly Divine?

  4. Richard R says:

    The Greenbrier bunker was decommissioned in 1992 after it was discovered by several journalism articles. Since it was only a fallout shelter, and not a blast shelter its secrecy was essential. It is not a data security storage house for CSX IP.

    1. Richard R says:

      *It is NOW

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