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10 Most useful plants that can be found in the wild

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  1. jim says:

    When a walnut grows, the shell containing the nut is inside a husk about the size of a small apple. The husk is somewhat difficult to remove, so it is common to place them in a spot such as a driveway where you can squish them with a car. As these husks rot, they turn black and if you pick one up it will stain your skin and clothes. The stain is so strong if you put a few in boiling water and boil metal objects for a few minutes, it will stain the metal black. This stain is antifungal, and is a home remedy to get rid of ring worm or athletes foot. Just pick up a piece of black rotting husk (rubber gloves suggested) and rub on the area well. It will stain, but get rid of the fungus

    1. Odd Donny says:

      Two years late, And I don’t know if you’ll ever see this, but thanks for the tip.

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