10 Nazi Concentration Camps – Part 1

June 10, 2015
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  1. Colonel Angus says:

    Cool. Now do one on native american genocide, which was hundreds of millions. Oh, wait, you can’t because the world’s media conglomerates aren’t native american, and haven’t written fan fictions based on their alleged suffereing…

    1. gringo says:

      Col. Anus, crawl up your mom’s d*ck motel and take your entire gene-pool with you, the world thanks you in advance…

      1. Ration says:

        He’s probably no fan of Native Americans either.

  2. Vizit says:

    Way more than 100 thousand people were killed in Jasenovac. Recent estimates go even up to 700000 people, most of which were children killed with sledgehammers and knives. The importance of Jasenovac was greatly minimized by the post-WWII state of Yugoslavia, which was leftist and very pro-Croatian. Nowadays, Croatia is a very nationalist country that still completely denies its involvement in the holocaust and WWII, and instead claims that the Yugoslav civil war was much more important and worse than World War II.

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