10 news stories from 2014 you would have refused to believe one year ago

January 1, 2015
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  1. yes says:

    “Al Qaeda could look less violent”
    In your own post:
    “They are also getting a lot of attention because they are committing overt war crimes and broadcasting their beheading of captured soldiers on the internet.”

    Yes. That sounds “less violet”.

    1. T. Rubble says:

      That statement was about ISIS.

  2. yes says:

    5. Al Qaeda could look less violent

    “It is feared that if they are fanatical they may attempt to gain access and use nuclear weapons on their enemies, the list of which, is vast.”

    This is a surprise to you?

  3. todd says:

    I think it is is Israelites who are the real terrorists, I have a few Palestinian friends who say our news in America does not report the horrible things that happen daily on the offense of the Israeli fighters. I heard the stories and having been in bloody situations of conflict myself, and the tales are graphic.

    1. Mickey says:

      No what it is is the Palestinians put missile bases next to their schools! The force the Israelites to shoot the missile base of course killing a few kids in the schools. Then they blame it all on the Israelis saying they killed children when they’re the ones who say they’re making nuclear weapons right next to a school.

      1. john says:

        you sir, are worse than Hitler (slaps face)

      2. Demarke says:

        Yes, and if I had a nickel for every time the US news reported that Israel killed a Palestinian while neglecting to mention that the Palestinian was shooting first, i’d be a wealthy man!

  4. Lewis Jones says:

    great article, we need reminders on news. good job and very entertaining, too. thanks.

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