Stuck at home with nothing to do and getting super bored? Well worry not, because we have 12 amazing ways for you to entertain yourself by using your Mac. You are sure to be fully entertained after it, so read on!

  1. Virtually Travel Through the World: By using different applications like Google maps, you can visit your favorite place and learn more about them to satisfy the wanderlust in you by sitting at your home. You can also decide on your next favorite place to go for vacation and even make an itinerary from the information available on the Internet accessed through Mac.
  2. Check iWork Suite: One of the best applications for use for students and employees is iWork Suite with lots of amazing features available in it. You can use your time to browse through these features and look for many games and applications which may be helpful to you later. 
  3. Play Games: One of the most obvious and the fun part is to play games on your Mac. You can either make use of the pre-installed games by playing your favorites again or you can also download through the internet on your Mac. You can also connect your Xbox to your Mac in order to play your favorite games. In case you are facing any problem in connecting, you can also install Xbox One VPN to easily make a connection. Among the many VPN options available, we recommend VeePN the most to our readers. You can also look reviews regarding it online to find out its features. It is an excellent VPN for Xbox with all the essential features under one roof. You can download the trial version of this VPN for free. A VPN extension can then be installed to your browser for easy use. It is a free extension and lets you explore the world of the internet without facing any restrictions.
  4. Reorganize your stuff: Well, while cleaning may be boring for some, it is therapeutic for many. Cleaning and reorganizing your files may be something really needed by your Mac. You can utilize your extra time in organizing the important files on your Mac according to your preferences.
  5. Explore Apple Ecosystem: If you have multiple Apple devices with you, you can easily check their features by using them together through Apple Ecosystem. It’s a software designed to give you a universal control of all your Apple Devices simultaneously. You can even share the data through clipboard, and sync your passwords and other files from one device to another. There is also an option to share your files and data with nearby Apple devices through a feature called Airdrop.
  6. Use Photo Booth: Mac has an amazing photo booth which is liked by all users, especially the youngsters. If you are bored, it’s time to check out all those new filters and frames and get a new Instagram Profile Picture of yourself.
  7. Talk to Siri: The highly popular app Siri is one of the best ways to kill your time using Mac. Looking for something fun to talk to, well Siri is your friend. You can ask Siri to tell you a joke or even silly questions like do you sleep or eat? You can even ask Siri to be your virtual assistant and walk you through the many features of your Mac. Telling Siri about your problems can be one way to use your time effectively and reduce that heavy burden from your chest.
  8. Personalization of MacBook: Well, it’s time for you to decorate your Macbook using the many themes and Screensavers available to you. You can opt for many to decide on which one looks better. There are many which are free, while many good ones are also available for a nominal amount of fee.
  9. Video Recording: Video Recording is so much fun! You can use a Mac to record, edit and share your favorite videos with your friends and family.
  10. Explore the many apps available on Mac: There are many apps which are not available on other iOS which you can easily find on Mac. It’s time to explore those and see which ones are fun and which ones are well, boring!
  11. Automator: Using Automator can help reduce your work stress but you need time to fix your workflow in it. Well, if you are bored, utilize this time to work around Automator and make your life easy.
  12. Dictionary time: It’s time to mess around with new words in the dictionary and use it according to your liking.

Final Thoughts

Mac has many amazing features which you can use to easily put your time to practical use. There are many tips and tricks mentioned in our article which you can use to not only kill your time but learn something new for later use.

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Last Update: January 4, 2023