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14 Most Powerful Villains In The Marvel Universe

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  1. Ricco says:

    Wrong Enchantress, the pic is from the one in DC XD

    We can even see Ragman in the background, that’s Enchantress when she was in Shadowpact.

    1. Admin says:

      Thanks for bringing it to our attention. It’s fixed.

  2. Beezkneez says:

    Depends on how you define power I guess. For instance, comparing a crime boss like Kingpin to say, the Dark Phoenix who wiped out an entire sentient race by devouring their sun. Or Cyclops evil brother Vulcan who frequently slaps around entire teams of heroes compared to a guy who shoots good. Not exactly apples and apples.
    Magneto? Carnage? Dormammu? The Shadow King? Before even dipping into the raft of cosmic level antagonists who would consider some of these villains about as much a threat as sunburn.
    Perhaps the title could have been a little more subjective. Such as the Coolest villains in the Marvel Universe?

  3. Adityo Nugroho says:

    The List is Ridiculous.. not to be harsh, but did the writer read enough sources ? For instance.. Mystique is Walking the line of anti hero and villain.. and her motives are somwhow can be categorized as B- class villain.

    Galactus is fearsome.. but not a villain in my opinions.. coz he does what he does out of necessity..

    Bullseye, Modok, Enchantress, Green Goblin? Oh God please.. they havent make a headlines in years in comics..

    I wonder why u didnt include beings like apocalpyse, Kang the Conqueror, Shuma Gorath, Korbac, Dark Phoenix.. Dormammu, Mikaboshi, God Butcher..

    The list above should not be called Most powerful and fearsome but cool villain and villain that can make an interesting plot or story

  4. Dylan says:

    This should be titled “14 of the most influential villains in the Marvel Universe” not powerful. Power wise only Thanos and Galactus belong.

  5. wizler says:

    where is Apocalypes

  6. Harshit says:

    No Galactus is the most powerful in this fourteen not thanos. Thanos is powerful because of the infinity gauntlet.

    1. Finn sebastian says:

      Read the marvel legacy comic thanos issue #15/#16 thanos rip off galactus head with a single blast without the infinity gauntlet. Then he made galactus skull to be his throne

    2. Jordan Smith says:

      how is green goblin more powerful than ultron spider-man beats his a** all the time were ultron d*ck the whole avenger team( Hulk,Thor,Iornman, Captian america,captain marvel,spider-man,Ant-manand the sidekicks like falcon and wasp

  7. Neo says:

    So you say Thanos is the bigest / strongest Villan in the game and Galactus is number 2 XD
    This cant be because Galactus killed Thanos and wahts with Doc.Doom who just became a god Slayer in 2015 after he absorbed the Beyonders. Imean Doc.Doom is the most power full Villain ever
    accept for the Death her self.

    1. Morjas says:

      When did Galactus kill Thanos? Oh wait, never! When did Thanos kill Galactus, only TWICE!

  8. silly p says:

    this list is so bad

  9. Russell Feliciano says:

    Oh boy, oh boy… I HAVE to correct this..
    Yes Thanos is #1 if you count the Infinity Gauntlet with all 6 Infinity Stones/Gems, but ANY MARVEL CHARACTER in possession of all 6 Infinity Stones/Gems will also be the strongest character in Marvel and #1 on this list. No Marvel Character originated with those items, they had to go out and seek them to boost their abilities so counting it as if it’s a part of them makes no sense whatsoever. Here’s how the list should be (in my opinion of course)
    .10) Magneto
    .9) Loki
    .8) Ultron
    .7) Dr. Doom
    .6) Apocalypse
    .5) Adam Warlock (Evil Parallel Universe)
    .4) Thanos (No Infitiy Gauntlet & 6 S/G)
    .3) Kang the Conqueror
    .2) Dormammu
    .1) Galactus
    ..And these are my Top *10 Marvel Super Villain [BIG BOSSES..
    Imo 14 Characters on this list is way to much. Most of the villains aren’t even boss like and do not belong on this list. I included only boss villains that it takes team work and MULTIPLE Heroes just to beat ONE villain, now that’s a “Boss Villain”.

    1. William Michael Bodor says:

      Uhh not every marvel villain or hero can use all 6 stones

  10. Shyla Wild says:

    No Onslaught?!?! Weak…..

  11. Donna Mackey says:

    I don’t think so, Thanos is really a most powerful character in MCU

  12. William Michael Bodor says:

    Ultron is made of vibranium

  13. William Michael Bodor says:

    Ultron is made of vibranium, adamantium is what wolverine’s claws were made from

  14. Captain America says:

    You must not that big of marvel fans because the list is very weak you put green goblin on this list over venom , come on guys this is a weak list do your research

  15. Mathoosan says:

    Thanos is the strongest

  16. Beans says:

    How this list should be (the list is very up for debate near the start re-order them if you want)
    14.void (counting void as a villain despite sentry being a good guy)
    13.Annihilus (using his annihilation wave)
    12.thanos (infinity gauntlet)
    11.the inbetweener
    10.chaos king
    9.dark Phoenix
    8.molecule man
    7.the marquis of death
    5.thanos (heart of the universe)
    4.the beyonder
    3.the beyonder (race)
    2.god king doom
    1.protege (basically a cheat character)
    Honourable mentions
    Pre retcon dr strange
    Akhenaten (heart of the universe)

  17. Puspa says:

    I think its Thanos Because the new movie named infinity war the thanos have all six stones in her hand and he will with all avengers and win

  18. Jordan Smith says:

    how is green goblin more powerful than ultron spider-man beats his a** all the time were ultron d*ck the whole avenger team( Hulk,Thor,Iornman, Captian america,captain marvel,spider-man,Ant-manand the sidekicks like falcon and wasp

  19. Sushi says:


  20. Joshua Manansala says:

    You forgot about Amatsu-Mikaboshi who literally destroyed 99% of the multiverse

  21. Aye Lmao says:

    My list is
    3.molecule man
    1.Galactus the end

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