15 Celebrity Scars Stories

August 31, 2020
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  1. fin says:

    Indigo Montoya is just a character in the princess bride! 😂

  2. Faye says:

    hello??? Jason Mamoa…?

    1. Darby says:

      It was a bar fight. Someone smashed a glass against his face and it shattered

  3. Bobby says:

    Parminder Nagra very sexy. I like to make the love with her and bend her scarred leg up behind her ears.

    1. Bill m says:

      Get on line buddy!!! Very hot, very classy and I only have one wish in life. Classic beauty…scars and all!!!

  4. Duncan Robert Malcolm Ferguson says:

    Tommy Flanagan’s scars on face are also known as “a Glaswegian” I found on other site few months ago after I tripped over winch cable in enclosed car carrier (pulling body/shell of ’67Jag) I was moving a large wheel chock out of the way, but landed on side of face/nose, received 8 stitches, luckily away from left eye, and now with aging melds in somewhat along extended laugh/face lines. I also have major scarring from the sun, due to liver porhyria cutenea tarda (sorry to burst your bubble on vampires, is what inspired stories, myths. Also werewolves as skin grows more hair to protect, bearded lady in circus had same thing) Add some residual acne scars, motorcycle road rash scar on upper left cheek, also scar on right elbow orginally skin scraped to bone and ligaments showed white, from going over handle bars on motorcycle on mountain road. Also left side of split lip with prominent scar from house party fight, nose broken twice in street fights, a huge scar on my right wrist/hand from falling back in beach bonfire drunken playfighting. Some girls say they like, adds character. easy to chronicle my scars, when im one big assortment of scars, Though my last name is different, i am related to “Bruce” in Battle of Bannockburn shown in Braveheart movie. I’m also related to mentor of famous Scottish poet, Robert Burns. (Can Google, Ferguson name.) I’m third generation Highlander. Possibly related to actor/comedian Craig Ferguson. I immediately knew one of his tattoos on upper arm, “Dulicius Ex Asperis”(sweeter after difficulties, Latin) note: I’m thinking of adding war cry to my tattoo collection, “Clann Feahearguis Gu Brath!”

    1. sancho says:

      get over your self, no one f**king cares about you or will take the time to read that book you just wrote

      1. Duncan Robert Malcolm Ferguson says:

        I care about me, and God cares for me, (1Peter 5:7) I only lean on Him, and don’t hang on your opinion, or any in the arm of flesh. I simply shared information, and chronicled how looking up celebrity scars, was therapeutic for me, esp. After recent 8 stitch scar to face. Sincera (Latin, without wax) Duncan Robert Malcolm Ferguson

        1. Lori says:

          Dude, you’re not a celebrity!! Get over yourself! Btw, tossing in scripture only makes you sound crazy

          1. Bro says:

            Telling him to get over himself makes you a b*tch.

    2. GOD says:

      Boo hoo hoo….. Even God would think you’re a c**t after reading that.

    3. V says:

      I lived in Glasgow for several years. Those kinds of scars were always referred to there as “Smiley Joe”s.

  5. ThisGirlSerious says:

    Sanaa Lathan has a scar on her face which I dont think she has ever revealed how she got it. But they did use it in Love and Basketball.

  6. Jenny says:


    This modern world does have the latest technology that can get rid of those scars. There are lasers that can burn scars to create a fine finish. Their stories why they got those scars inspires the readers. Thank you for sharing this post with us.

    1. almucook says:

      I wish that was the truth but not always scars can be eliminated or hidden. The lasers are not perfect. I am sure they already tried. The scares were a lot worse before possibly. Or they didnt bother bc really there is no solution for all scars.

  7. Wendy says:


    Well, it’s their choice not to undergo treatment and just let their scar be a remembrance of their memories. Removing these scars is easy these modern days because of unpainful treatments.

    1. Stephen says:

      Wendy you talk nonsence Believe me it is not. Do you think these stars walk about with scars on their face when they could be removed so easily ? They are millionaires ffs

  8. Parminder Nagra is too cute!

  9. K Hoover says:

    Does anyone really care that celebrities shop at Sears? I mean who cares about their Sears stories…I am sure we all have a ‘Sears’ story…oops celebrity scars stories…never mind!

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