Here are 20 kickass and interesting Beaver Facts.

1-5 Interesting Beaver Facts


1. European Beavers cannot breed with North American Beavers, and that the result of more than 27 attempts was a single stillborn kit. – Source

2. Due to the aquatic habitat and behavior of a Beaver, the Catholic Church officially categorized it as a type of fish, making it edible on Good Friday and throughout Lent. This ruling was later extended to the Capybara and muskrat as well. – Source

3. Now extinct, a beaver was said to be found in North America that was over 8 feet tall and 130-220 pounds, the size of a modern black bear. – Source

4. In 1940, 50 beavers were habituated into Tierra del Fuego to help start a fur trade. There are now over 100,000, and they have devastated over 16 million hectares. – Source

5. A scientist once tested the intelligence of beavers by setting up speakers playing the sound of running water on a field. The beavers began covering the sound player with branches and mud, building up a dam. – Source

6-10 Interesting Beaver Facts


6. Beavers can see clearly when they’re underwater because of their transparent eyelids. – Source

7. In 1948 Idaho, beavers were airdropped into wild forest areas using army surplus parachutes when they had outgrown their other habitats. – Source

8. The lips of a beaver are located behind its teeth, which helps it in carrying branches around without drowning. – Source

9. Castoreum used to make the Artificial Raspberry flavor is extracted from the an*l glands of a beaver. – Source

10. The Beavers are separated from their parents at birth. – Source

11-15 Interesting Beaver Facts


11. Beaver’s teeth are coated with iron, hence they are orange in color. – Source

12. A man single-handedly kept an Iowa county’s beaver population in check. The county upped the bounty for each beaver to $50 after his retirement. – Source

13. The Beavers belong to the nocturnal species. – Source

14. In 1946, 50 Canadian beavers were migrated to Argentina, they have now populated to over 200,000 and are threatening the local ecology. – Source

15. Beavers are second only to humans in their ability to manipulate and change their environment. – Source

16-20 Interesting Beaver Facts


16. In 2006, a beaver pair migrated to Alhambra creek in California. They transformed the area into a wildlife refuge, revitalizing populations of River Otters, Minks, and various birds. – Source

17. Beaver Fever,” a common parasitic disease acquired from drinking water, can cause permanent lactose intolerance. – Source

18. The Angry Beavers, a Nickelodeon cartoon series is one of the only cartoons where a clock on the wall visible in most episodes updates in real time. – Source

19. 400 billion cigarettes can be made out of  8 pounds of beaver genital secretions. – Source

20. Canada had once considered putting a beaver on the national flag. – Source


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