20 Interesting Facts About Fidel Castro

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  1. demarke says:

    #21 – Fidel Castro is responsible for up to 1.5 million deaths in his own country and up to 100,000 in Angola.

    Oh wait, this isn’t flattering to the violent dictator, it will probably be deleted.

    1. brock says:

      Yeah, I was wondering where all the important facts were. Looks like kickassfacts is pretty biased.

  2. JH says:

    My favorite post-Castro line is: “Castro was cremated because they were afraid that the maggots in the cemetery would get food poisoning.”

  3. Stone says:

    Concerning #2…Is there any evidence FDR responded and sent a $10.00 bill?

  4. Junaikjunaidk says:

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