Screen video recorder is a software that can record anything on the screen. Many need to create video tutorials, gaming sessions, and small help for elders who find it challenging to understand text-based support. Most of the time, these types of software are resource hungry as the need to use a lot of GPU and memory, but they are straightforward to use. Then there is software that is less resource-hungry, and you can use them on any Windows or Mac machine. That said, there are tons of video recorder for PC, but make sure to choose them based on the requirement, and the platform you use.

Top 10 Screen Video Recorders for Windows and Mac

These are some of the best screen video recorders for Windows and Mac. However, they differ a lot when it comes to features. Some of the software offers instant online upload while others come with an editor. You should be able to record system sound, webcam, and even game recording with a framerate option.

1. EaseUS RecExperts (Windows, Mac)

EaseUS RecExperts is an easy-to-use recorder that can record anything, including streaming videos, podcasts, and gameplays. If you are curious about how to record gameplay on pc, just download it and have a try, you can get familiar with the operating steps, for it’s very user-friendly.

The software also offers a basic editor that allows you to trim, add video intro, and end. That’s useful if you do not have an editor on the computer, so remove unnecessary parts of the video. That said, using the software is easy, and comes with different methods of recording. The list includes Record Screen, Audio, and Webcam. Here is a bit about each of these features.

Key features:

  • Record Screen: Record single monitor, dual monitor, set resolution, or just an application
  • Record Audio: It allows you to record system audio or microphone audio. It comes in handy to record podcasts, streaming audio, and so on
  • Record Webcam: If you are into game recording, then you can

If you are interested in this software, you can download it and have a try.

2. OBS Studio (Mac, Windows)

OBS Studio is one of the best open-source screen video records you can use on both Windows and macOS. Especially if you are using it on macOS, you can use it to record system sound, which is usually not allowed by the macOS screen recorder. That said, the software works well on any hardware, but if you plan to stream from your computer, then you will need a better configuration.

That said, the software is known for its ability to record multiple sources. So, if you are recording from two different devices, you should be able to combine them here. Along with this, the software offers noise filter gates. You can use this to make sure there is no noise and increase or decrease the volume. It comes in handy.

Another essential feature of the recording software is Screen Collection. Here you can set up multiple sources such as audio input, audio output, browser, color source, display capture, media source, scenes, and so on. So if you are involved in multiple types of recording, you can create a scene for each of them and use it every time without spending time to configure.


  • Impressive audio mixer with a powerful configuration option
  • Realtime audio and video capturing
  • High-quality video capture
  • Stream to multiple sources such as YouTube, Facebook, and more


  • Too many features will make it look complex for those who are starting with screen recording
  • The need for hind-end configuration to smoothly use the software makes it difficult to be used by everyone
  • The setting panel can be confusing for some

3. Screen Record Chrome Extension (Windows, Mac)

If you are into recording what’s on your browser, then check out this chrome extension. It’s called Screen Record which works on Edge, and Chrome seamlessly, and can record almost anything on the screen, and the browser tab. The advantage of using this extension is that you can stick a single tab. So if you plan to record a streaming video, this extension comes in very handy. Since it is browser-based, you have the advantage of using it almost on any platform which supports Chrome.

That said, it is not limited just to recording the tabs, but it also can record screen, audio, and applications on your computer. While recording, you can record system audio, microphone, and even external microphone.


  • Simple and straight forward to use as there is no software installation and minimal features
  • No limitation on recording minutes, and supports all types of recording
  • Work with almost all kinds of hardware and platform


  • A lot of users have reported that saving video is not smooth
  • Not useful for those who look for multiple sources and detailed configuration especially for game recording
  • You cannot record a specific region

4. Tiny Take (Windows)

TinyTake is a nifty screen recorder that quick can-do captures, add annotations, and quickly share the video on YouTube or their website. Once you record the video, the file will be instantly uploaded to the online server. During Video Screen Recording, you can capture audio from microphone or system sound or both. The mouse movements are captured, making it easy for the end-user to understand it.

Once the video is recorded, it can be instantly uploaded to their website where you can choose to edit. It is the only service that, as of now, offers you to record and edit online with annotations.


  • Offer annotation toolset which can highlight, blur parts of the screenshots and more
  • You can also drag and drop images to add to your annotations
  • Support to upload to YouTube
  • Record video for up to 2 hours and add annotations
  • Two gigabytes of storage to share videos online


  • When using the free version, you are limited to the recording for five minutes only
  • Only MP4 export is supported
  • You can only trim video, but there is no full editor
  • You have to create an account to use this service

5. ActivePresenter (Windows)

Those who are involved in presentations, ActivePresenter is a brilliant tool. If you are running an online school or classes where you need to explain to kids some concepts, presentations are a great way to do it. Apart from this, the tool also offers the option to record video, record software simulation, or create a responsive project which can do multiple things i.e., Slide, Record Screen, and so on.

The editor offers a multi-track option that allows you to add overlap videos and presentations on top of each other. You can also edit videos locally, zoom, and change video orientation.   


  • Offers transitions, animations, design styles, and templates to add questions,
  • You can include webcam recordings during presentations
  • Convert captions to audio
  • Questions template offers multiple-choice, multiple responses, text box, drag-drop, hotspot, and so on


  • Even though it offers multi-track recording, the interface is not easy to use
  • Only for presenters who are into teaching
  • Not all outputs are available in the standard version

6. Loom (Windows)

This screen video recorder is built for a short period of screen record, which is free for personal usage, and it also offers online storage. While the software fills in for most of the purpose, it only offers Screen and Webcam recording without any system sound. You can, of course, use a microphone to record while you record the screen, which is crucial if you are planning to be explaining something during recording.

That said, the software is connected to the online platform where all the recordings are uploaded, and videos can only be edited online. The online editor allows you to add titles, trim, and add a call to action. The online solution makes it interesting because you can have your video channel, and share the videos with everyone else.


  • Offers extension for Chrome, desktop app, and iOS
  • Share screen recording, download on the computer, and embed it on a web page
  • Team features allow you to collaborate with dedicated team folders
  • Realtime rich reactions in the form of Emoji


  • Not supported on a 32-bit system
  • Cannot be used as a full-fledged video recorder because of the limitations
  • Advanced features available in pro mode

7. Share X (Windows and Mac)

Like OBS, ShareX is an open-source screen recording tool that offers tons of features. You can use the software to record screen, share screen, and also customize it based on your requirement of recording.

It can be used to record screen, share the screen with others. Compared to the OBS, this screen recorder doesn’t consume a lot of resources and lightweight.

If you are into software recording where a lot has to be uploaded to a destination server or service, then ShareX allows you to configure what will happen once the capture is complete or when the upload is complete. It is perfect for those scenarios where there is s workflow to follow. It also supports hotkeys to get things done quickly.


  • Quickly identifies borders or screens which makes it easy to capture
  • Keyboard shortcuts can be configuring as per individuals need
  • Workflow makes it easy to do the same type of recording every day


  • No game capture mode with FPS settings
  • The confusing interface even for professionals
  • The editor offers only essential editing tools

8. Captura (Windows)

Like ActivePresentor, Captura is a different kind of screen recording software that excels in recording keystrokes and mouse movements. If you make videos where you have to show all keystrokes, then this is one of the best software which doesn’t cost anything. On top of this, it is available in multiple languages, which makes it versatile. You can also use it to record games.


  • Open Source and Free with no limits to video recording
  • You can create hotkey as per your need
  • Support multiple modes of recording, such as FFmpeg, GIF, Stream, and so on
  • Support webcam with the option to save it as a different file
  • Display Keystrokes that can be customized
  • Framerate for game recording


  • A lot of reports about audio issues in the software
  • Only a few games can be recorded as all APIs are not supported
  • No background recording is possible

9. QuickTime Player (Mac)

Earlier available with QuickTime Player, macOS offers built-in screen recording, which allows you to record the full screen, region recording, and even a screenshot. The software supports keyboard shortcuts to open the recording tool or start recording it instantly. While there is no option to set the frame rate for game recording, but it is probably the best tool in terms of stability. Once the record is complete, you get a preview of the video which you can edit, partially.


  • Support region recording
  • While you can choose to record microphone, but system sound is not available
  • Stable, and high-quality output


  • The default editor offers essential feature, and you will have to use the iMovie editor
  • Multi-monitor support is missing
  • Limited editing support
  • System Sound Recording is not possible

10. Movavi Screen Recorder (Windows and Mac)

Movavi offers a screen recording tool that can capture streaming videos, webinars, and online calls. Those with multiple screens can choose to record one screen and still use another screen. Once the recording is complete, you can save the video in MP4, AVI, and other popular video formats. It can record video in 4K, so if you have a 4K monitor, that’s not a problem. The interface is easy to use and is suitable for beginners and professionals both.


  • Schedule Recording
  • Capture audio and video from different sources
  • Show keystrokes
  • Personalized shortcuts
  • High-speed conversion


  • The free version is limited, and there is no option for a free screen, and editing
  • The cost is high for the full version
  • Hardware acceleration is supported only if you have the right hardware


These were the top ten Screen Video Recorders for PC and Mac. You can use them to record screen, edit them, and share it on its native platform or directly on websites such as YouTube.

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