Here are 22 facts about deforestation.

1-5 Deforestation Facts


1. Amazon forest has been the biggest victim of deforestation and Mc.Donalds is one of the leading contributors of deforestation in the Amazon jungle. The popular company has been employing cunning tactics to justify massive deforestation and taxing the limited resources of the earth. – Source

2. Industrialization, agriculture, and emission of excessive greenhouse gas have all grouped along with deforestation to hinder the next ice age. – Source

3. Palm oil used for making Halloween candies is another reason for deforestation owing to which orangutans have been losing their natural habitat. – Source

4. Meat consumption and the ever-growing demand for meat has been reported as the biggest contributor to the deforestation of Amazon forest. – Source

5. Deforestation at Haiti is rampant as much as 98% and subsequently about 80% of the entire population lives in dire poverty. – Source

6-10 Deforestation Facts

6. The deforestation in Egypt may be due to the massive constructions of pyramids. – Source

7. An environmentalist group runs a charity organization by making adult videos as a protest against deforestation. – Source

8. The Nazca civilization of Peru is said to have crumbled due to deforestation. – Source

9. Survey suggests that about 50,000 species and plants of the ecosystem become extinct each year due to deforestation. – Source

10. The most environmentally hazardous projects are carried out in Canada. – Source

11-15 Deforestation Facts


11. The world’s highest rate of deforestation is recorded in Indonesia while Brazil has the second highest record. – Source

12. Deforestation is one of the leading factors of global warming. – Source

13. In 1923, Haiti had a land coverage of 60% which has dropped down to 2% now due to deforestation. – Source

14. The Roman Empire was driven to ruin and disaster due to deforestation and farming. – Source

15. The United States issued an act in 2008 which prohibits companies to purchase raw materials derived through illegal deforestation. – Source

16-22 Deforestation Facts


16. The passenger pigeon went completely extinct by 1914 due to overhunting and massive deforestation. – Source

17. A large variety of insects, flora and fauna are lost due to extensive deforestation. – Source

18. Arguable theories about the decline of Mayan Civilization and deforestation were raised after the discovery of a massive volcanic eruption in El Salvador. – Source

19. About 17% of the total greenhouse gas emissions is accounted to deforestation. – Source

20. An American nun was murdered in Brazil for speaking out about the effect agriculture was having on deforestation of rainforests. – Source

21. Popular actor Harrison Ford had waxed his chest to grow awareness about deforestation. – Source

22. Indonesia has come up with a unique strategy to fight deforestation: they have to supply five seedlings for weddings and 25 for divorces. – Source

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