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1-5 Interesting Facts About DC Comics

Slade Wilson

1. As a child, Slade Wilson’s father sold him to the mafia to pay off some old debts.

2. Once batman became a new God he asked the Mobius Chair two questions, who killed his parents and what’s the joker’s real name? It told him Joe Chill killed his parents, but the joker’s name isn’t revealed to the audience. All Batman says is, “no that’s not possible!”

3. Deadshot is so proficient with a gun, he knows exactly where to shoot someone to get the maximum amount of shot in without them dying.

4. As stated by Grant Morrison, the Joker suffers from ‘super sanity,’ a heightened state of sanity that allows him to understand things in a way no one else can; in some cases he even realizes he’s a comic character.

5. When Lobo was a child, one of his school history projects was the genocide of his entire race.

6-10 Interesting Facts About DC Comics

Barry Allen

6. In the comics Barry Allen’s top recorded speed is nearly 13 trillion times faster than the speed of light.

7. Gotham City was named after a small jewelry store in New York City.

8. In the movie Batman: Under the Hood, the character Red Hood voice by Jensen Ackles drives a Chevrolet Impala, a homage to Ackles’ character Dean Winchester, in the show Supernatural.

9. Every year Santa breaches Apokolips defense systems only to give Darkseid his lump of coal.

10. In the 90s DC Comics published two humanitarian comics about the dangers of landmines aimed at children from post-war countries: Super Deadly Genesis (in Bosnia and Kosovo) and Superman and Wonder Woman: The Hidden Killer (in Central America).

11-15 Interesting Facts About DC Comics

Batman vs Superman

11. Batman vs Superman was an abandoned movie project born in 2000 and died in 2002. The poster appears as a joke in the 2007 apocalyptic movie “I am Legend.”

12. In the 80s, John Byrne tried to give an explanation to Superman’s powers: his invulnerability comes from a force field that protects him (and his skin-tight costume), while his flight is due to a telekinetic field, which he extends to the objects he touches, hence the super-strength.

13. DC’s editors wouldn’t let Lois Lane and Clark Kent marry in the comics until their television counterparts from “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” were ready to do the same.

14. The first thing Batman ever said to Catwoman (then simply ‘The Cat’) was “Quiet or papa spank” while revealing her disguise.

15. It is widely known that fans actually voted to kill Robin (Jason Todd) via a call-in poll. According to Dennis O’Neil however, a few hundred votes were all from one person. If not for that, Jason would have lived.

16-20 Interesting Facts About DC Comics

Power Girl

16. Power Girl’s massive breast size was originally conceived when the artist who drew her was convinced that the editors were not paying attention to his work. He drew her breasts larger in each issue he worked on, waiting for the editors to notice. It took the editors seven issues to notice and they have remained the same size ever since.

17. Brandon Routh was allegedly so well-endowed that Warner Bros. requested his bulge be digitally reduced in his costume for ‘Superman Returns’ as not to offend his younger audience.

18. Due to Marvel/DC intercompany crossover event, ‘JLA/Avengers’, Hawkeye is the only character to hold the distinct title of being a member of both the Justice League and the Avengers.

19. The U.S. government requested that Kryptonite be removed from ‘Superman’ stories in the 1940s as they didn’t want the audience to take the threat of radioactive elements lightly.

20. Before Superman was deemed too god-like and his amount of powers were reduced in modern age comics, he was able to fly faster than the speed of light, clap his hands to create earthquakes, withstand the heat at the core of the sun, use super-ventriloquism and super-hypnosis and even temporarily project a full-powered, miniature version of himself on his hands.

21-25 Interesting Facts About DC Comics


21. Catwoman has had numerous origin stories since her comic book conception, including a flight attendant turned criminal after her plane crashed. However, Catwoman’s most recognized origin depicts Selina Kyle as a former prostitute who learned martial arts to protect herself and her sister.

22. Due to the light-hearted tone of the ‘Batman’ comics in the 1960s and ‘70s, many of the caped crusader’s more disturbing adversaries were replaced by wackily themed threats. These included the Ten-Eyed Man(who could see out of his fingers), Mr. Camera (who had a giant camera for a head), and Kite-Man (whose alter-ego was Charles Brown and utilized a variety of weaponized kites).

23. In the alternate reality of the “Elsewoods” DC Series, a baby Superman is found and adopted by the Waynes and he then becomes Batman when they are murdered.

24. The Daily Planet, where Lois Lane and Clark Kent are employed is actually operated by the entertainment division of Wayne Enterprises, which is owned by Bruce Wayne.

25. Aquaman has a penchant for hurling dangerous animals at various criminals. These animals have included great white sharks, killer whales and even polar bears.

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