25 Interesting Facts About Nicotine, Tobacco and Cigarettes

July 29, 2014
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  1. * STUDY WAS DONE BY US GOVERNMENT TO PROVE MARIJUANA WAS AS HARMFUL AS TOBACCO IT WAS NOT PROVEN. And i would say most if not all smoke from combustion contains those chemicals.

    1. CheifBroom says:

      That’s right! The next time you see someone smoking tobacco you should tell them “You should smoke marajuana, it’s a lot healthier.” So be a humanitarian and help!

  2. ko soe says:

    Let me know plz. How to get the facts about tobacco and cigarettes usage. How to make questions and we should ask to whom?

  3. Ben says:

    To point #17 – “Nicotine is the tobacco plant’s evolutionary defense mechanism[…]”

    I hate the tendency to attribute observations to an unproven theory known as “evolution”. Just because something is a certain way and that way has observable effects, does not mean that there was any intention on the part of the plant or any other mindless force to make it that way. Sure, nicotine is a natural pesticide, but nobody can scientifically conclude that it “evolved” that way as protection against insects.

    I noticed that insects don’t eat rocks but I don’t attribute a rock’s hardness to self-protection against insects. Sometimes things are just a certain way and evolutionists try to force the pieces into their puzzle.

  4. Missy shelli says:

    This is about as rediculous as can be. Your “Sources” are nothing but opinions. I hate liars.

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