25 Interesting Facts About Steve Jobs

September 14, 2013
Comments (7)
  1. Donald 63 says:

    Fact 26. Jobs was a huge, greedy douchebag that sent thousands of manufacturing jobs to China simply because he got more profit from under paying the Chinese to build his products.

    1. bobjims says:

      jobs was great

    2. boom shankar says:

      thats a smart business move. dont u know almost all the american companies do that you uninformed moron!! how do u think india and china survive??

      1. Ronald says:

        that don’t make it right

  2. apple says:

    i feel like i could have done something to help him. Did he need help? I think so. He was a good man and I really will miss him R.I.P Steven Paul Jobs

    1. Bill Gates says:

      RIP Steven Paul Jandali

  3. bob says:

    do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do

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