25 Little Known Facts About Nazi Forces

March 19, 2014
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  1. Joan Fitzgerald says:


    1. Tobias says:

      All claims against the axis forces is facts today.

      1. Issac says:

        Winners always write the history.

        1. cody says:

          yes, bc #25 would have been in their if the “winners” always write history..

  2. sup says:

    What a load of Bulls**t

  3. Bogdan says:

    So much Bulls**t……especially #24……Christians, Catholics? Catholics are Christian idiots, also the source is not reliable, the nazists themselves were christians.

    1. Ole Sjælland says:

      You are not quite right. The nazis made their own religion, some of which was from Christianity and some was from the norse religion.

    2. Jake says:

      That’s false the nazi killed every one who was not German.

    3. The doctor says:

      Actually this is false. While the Catholics and Christians do worship effectively the same thing, there are differences that make them seperate (one example is the Catholics revering Mary and the Holy Spirit, which Christians do not). Secondly the Nazis were not Christian or catholic, as hitler intended to be worshiped himself and wanted to replace Jesus Christ with himself. Another fact that disproves you last statement, when the nazis came into power they wanted every one to pledge alligence to the reich and persecuted religious leaders of communities (pledging alligence to any one but god was forbidden as such they were captured or killed by the Nazis, the main religious group to go through this was Jehovah’s Witnesses).

  4. Big dan says:

    The nazis were not that bad never harmed any animals

    1. Doctor says:

      Yes but they did murder 13.11 million people (not including only the Jews)

  5. Big dan says:

    And I agree the winners do always write the history I am always sceptical when it come to this sh*t

  6. Ginger Mingger says:

    Hilarious. Was this written by a bluey communist or “liberal” as they call themselves these days?
    Blatantly, yes.

    They were actually Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbieterpartie
    or…wait for it…
    National SOCIALIST German WORKERS party!

    They hated the 1% and wanted big government and had massive, biased welfare programs and used identity politics to discern who could receive what welfare or Government programs etc.

    Ring any bells?

    1. Mangus says:

      Yeah because when people think of Nazi Germany the first thing to come to mind is the German welfare system.

      You’re retarded. Please euthanize yourself.

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