25 Ways Our Readers Subtly F**k with People

August 11, 2015
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  1. Soda says:

    Sometimes I tighten the lids on jars, so my wife will have to ask me to open them. Its an easy way to diffuse an argument, it changes her whole demeanor.

  2. Abigail says:

    I’ve been subtly stealing silverware from work. It started by accident when I took a fork home in some to-go food. It’s been two months and the chef has already taken note that silverware is missing. No one suspects me … yet, because I wash the dishes. When I leave next week, I will subtly leave them all somewhere for everyone to find. Just to leave them scratching heads and yelling blame at each other.

  3. Emperor of Mankind says:

    I remember I drove my teacher crazy during 8th grade because their was this book from the Library that’s always sitting by her desk and she would tell this kid Anthony to take it back to the Library. So I would grab the book and place it by her desk everytime for about a week. Goodtimes goodtimes

  4. Thei says:

    To learn how to read in primary school the whole class would often get the same book and some of the children had to read out loud for the class. I always liked to read for the class (don’t ask me why), but the teacher was the kind of guy who would give the turn to read to someone who wasn’t paying attention. After a while I noticed this and whenever the time came that the teacher had to choose someone else to read I pretended I did not pay any attention. I always liked the face he would make when I fluently started to read when he gave me the turn, because for some reason he was always surprised.

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