30 Kickass and Interesting Facts About Men

August 20, 2014
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  1. Fish says:

    Just notice above #11 the pic is all ladies! I’m sure they’re just as brave but maybe you want to change it for this page.

    1. Admin says:

      Woah..thank you for pointing it out. We have changed the pic.

  2. Zarion says:

    Fact #2 doesn’t define which race of asians considering indians and chinese are both asians but classed as completely different races..

  3. Fake Mustache says:

    The Breast Cancer – Colon Cancer comparison can be made even more striking by comparing tax dollars spent on research and support for each disease. More than twice as much money goes to breast cancer.

  4. Anchored says:

    The “fact” about Gambia seems to only tell half the story. More like a hotspot for sexual predators: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/independent-appeal-breaking-the-silence-of-gambias-sex-tourism-2164853.html

  5. Amanda says:

    21. Men in USA receive on average 63% longer sentences than females for the exact same crimes. – Source

    Except when it comes to spousal murder. “Women receive harsher sentences for killing their male partners than men receive for killing their female partners.” (https://www.aclu.org/words-prison-did-you-know)

    There’s more sources online if you want to know more. It’s not good. Especially since the majority of the women who killed their partners had been made victims of domestic abuse by that person. If I remember correctly, the men’s leading cause for killing their spouse was suspected infidelity.

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