4 Best Fish To Own For Young Kids

May 30, 2020
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  1. Eric Peterson says:

    Please amend this article to note that Goldfish require a minimum of 40 gallons for the first fish, then an additional 30 gallons for each additional fish. They reach an average adult length of 8-12 inches and truthfully are not suitable for most people’s homes. They also require an exceptionally well-maintained aquarium with about three times the recommended filtration capacity of other fish species due to the levels of waste they produce.
    In addition, the segment regarding Bettas should include a warning to dissuade people from attempting to house the fish in small bowls or vases. They do best in tanks 5 gallons and up.

    I am a professional Aquarist and Aquatic Horticulturist, as proof that I am not “talking out my a**”.

  2. demarke says:

    I second Eric Peterson’s comment above! I’m not an expert, but have recently done my due diligence into the requirements to keep a goldfish healthy, and that is correct. Smaller tanks, lack of proper filtration, stagnant water, etc seem to drastically reduce the life and health of these creatures.

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