Owning fish can be a great thing for young kids to do as they will be introduced to the world of animals and are taught responsibility at the same time as well. There are many species of fish available and some are better than others if kids are looking after them. Here are some of the best fish species for young kids to own.

The fish that you decide to buy should be low maintenance and affordable. They should also be friendly to other fish that they might encounter if you decide to buy more than 1 for your tank. As always, research is your best friend when making a decision.

Top Fish for Kids

Preparing a reliable fish tank should always be your first consideration even before embarking on the decision to purchase a fish. You should also note that a freshwater aquarium is much easier to maintain than a saltwater aquarium. This rule applies to all fish, popular or unpopular. Let’s examine the most popular fish available.

1. Goldfish

Goldfish are the most popular fish species in the world for domestic owners and there is a good reason for that. Goldfish are extremely cheap and that’s a big part of their appeal. The optimal temperature for goldfish is approximately 20-22 C (68-72 F) which means it enjoys cooler temperatures than other fish do. Small amounts of pellets or brine shrimp will suffice throughout the day.

2. Tetra Fish

Tetra fish have recently become popular due to their bright colors. They should be bought in groups of at least 6 in order to aid social functionality. Their diet should be much more varied than the goldfish as they require a mixture of live and processed foods. The ideal temperature for their tank is 23 C (74 F). They cost about $2.50 each so they’re extremely affordable.

3. Betta Males

Betta male fish can be very aggressive to other fish so it would be best if you only purchased one only. They can eat brine shrimp or live bloodworms but another important consideration is that their tank temperature should be between 23-27C (74-82 F). They should cost up to $20 each.

4. Danios

Danios are sociable fish so you’ll need to purchase about a dozen to make them feel happy. One drawback is that they like to swim all the time which means you’ll need a large tank which is at least 20 U.S. gallons or 75 liters which of course pushes up the amount of nitrogen required as well. Floating fish flakes are their favorite food as is frozen blood worms. The optimum temperature for this species is between 21-27 C (70-82F). They’re fairly cheap with prices ranging from $2 to $16. Expect to bulk buy as they need to be in large groups.

Owning a Fish

Looking after the fish can be very relaxing and it allows young kids to obtain some focus. This allows them to develop a sense of responsibility such as making sure the fish are well fed and the tank is in good condition. The fish listed here are relatively easy to look after but one important consideration is to make sure that you have good access to regular food suppliers.

Make sure you have a Plan B because businesses can shut down and it can be quite hectic finding another way to feed your fish. Having said that, owning fish is a great hobby and it’s especially appropriate for those who have young kids and are on a budget.

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Last Update: May 30, 2020