It is reckoned that 50% of Pugs have health problems and that only around 15% of them can breathe normally. With an approximate life span of 12-15 years, they make excellent family pets but they’re not without their disadvantages. Here are 5 common health concerns that Pugs may have.

1. Pug Dog Encephalitis

There is a condition called PDE which stands for Pug Dog Encephalitis. This means they have significant breathing problems. This is because it has elongated soft palates and will result in showing off such symptoms as panting, snoring, wheezing, and shortness of breath. Check the dog before buying it to make sure that it doesn’t have this problem. Or you could check the dog’s family for this problem because this problem is a congenital condition. Also, make sure that there is plenty of fresh water available in order to keep them hydrated.

2. Eye Irritation

While their bulging eyes make them look very cute, it does mean some challenging health problems might have to be dealt with because of this. Some of these challenges are irritation and pain as well as bumping into objects which other dogs would easily avoid. Some of the symptoms include weeping eyes, spots on the eye, or unusual growth spurts near the eye. 

3. Skin Irritants

The condition of the skin is another concern both for owners and the dog itself. This is due to the multiple folds in their skin which has been deliberately bred onto them. Regular washing of the skin is a requirement and this one of the reasons Pug Dogs are a high maintenance breed. Among the 3 most common skin conditions are Pug Ringworm which is a fungal infection, Demodectic Mange is an inflammation that is triggered by the bite of a small mite, and of course allergies which can be noticed by the attentive owner if they’re constantly biting or scratching themselves.  Another skin condition which they’re prone to suffer from is eczema. Make sure to take the dog to the vet if you notice anything out of order.

4. Tail Infections

Pug Dog tails are curled and can be a cause for concern as well. Infections can arise with this type of tail because it will lead to the dog having multiple skin flaps which can become infected when the dog has to do its toilet business. Your vet can help with this problem by having the dog shaved and cleaned or even go as far as performing surgery to fix the problem. This means of course you’ll have to pay attention to this potentially messy issue.


5. Stomach Swelling

Stomach problems in Pug Dogs is another trait that must be looked out for. Male Pug Dogs might suffer from intussusception which means the dog’s intestines are able to bundle up into itself. Care and attention should be given to the type of food that the dog is given as this can trigger several stomach complaints such as gas or swelling.

Careful research should be undertaken by owners to make sure that they’re aware of all the issues associated with Pug Dogs. While they make great family pets they have a history of being bred for their looks rather than for durability and robustness. This has led to several nasty congenital side-effects and the conscientious owner can make themselves aware of the potential problems that they might encounter when owning a Pug Dog.

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Last Update: September 21, 2020