5 Common Pug Health Concerns

September 21, 2020
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  1. Dog Mother says:

    Pugs do have major breathing issues due to being brachycephalic (short nosed). However, that is not what PDE is, and should be explained on top of the other issues above.

    Pug dog encephalitis (PDE) is a severe and debilitating disease in small breed dogs that causes inflammation of the brain. This condition is inherited in Pugs but can occur in other breeds as well. Unfortunately, the disease is fatal and it is estimated that 1.2 percent of Pugs will die from Pug encephalitis.

    The symptoms of Pug dog encephalitis may come on gradually or may progress rapidly depending on the patient. Many cases start with vague symptoms such as lethargy and depression, which can often be overlooked.

    As the disease progresses, pet owners may notice more dramatic symptoms, such as:

    Appearing lost or disoriented
    Behavior changes
    Weakness, stumbling
    Abnormal gait

    And, eventually, death.

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  2. Dog mother says:

    Pug Dog Encephalitis is a debilitating disease that pugs are prone to, causing inflammation of the brain. The symptoms are horrific, it is fatal, and 1.2% of pugs will die from PDE.

    They do also have major breathing related issues, but that is not what PDE is.

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