It is well known that not all dogs are the same. Some like to play more and some like to hit the snooze button more. It might seem like some dogs like dreaming, snoring, and sleeping more than their favorite food. Some dogs sleep because they are bored. Despite what experts say about how long your dog should sleep, you still need to make sure they are getting the proper amount of exercise. If you are looking for a canine buddy to enjoy sleeping in with or simply a dog that is lower key here are five breeds to consider.

1. Saint Bernard

If you can get past all the slobbering, Saint Bernards are good snoozing pals. These dogs need on average 14 hours of sleep a day. Sometimes they need up to 18 hours a day. Because of this Saint Bernards are sometimes referred to as “mat dogs.”

2. Pugs

Similar to human babies, when a Pug gets a full tummy they will hit the snooze button. A Pug puppy will sleep up to 20 hours per day. Once the puppy becomes an adult the dog will need 10-14 hours of sleep per day. This makes it so that the Pug tends to sleep just a little more than the average dog.

3. Great Dane

It might not seem like such a large dog would need a lot of sleep, but they do. Great Dane puppies will sleep on average 18-20 hours sleeping until they are 3 months old. After that, your puppy will sleep about 14 hours a day. This amount of sleep will continue into adulthood.

4. Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniels will want to curl up and sleep especially after a long walk or vigorous playtime. These dogs are not necessarily ones to snuggle with you, but they will tend to sleep at the foot of your bed. Puppies and older dogs will tend to sleep more while an adult will sleep just a bit less.

5. Shih Tzu

A Shih Tzu puppy will likely sleep up to 14 hours a day. Once they reach adulthood it will sleep only about 12 hours per day. However, when the Shih Tzu becomes elderly it will easily sleep 20 hours per day.

Be Aware

Be aware of changes in your dog’s sleeping habits. Changes in sleeping patterns or times can be signs of issues in your dog. Sleeping more than normal can be signs of thyroid issues, separating anxiety, or any other health issues that need to be addressed as soon a possible.

All breeds and sizes of dogs are different. Some need more sleep others need more play. If you want a dog that sleeps a bit more or is fairly low key then these five breeds are ones to think about bringing into your home. Also, figure out if you want a snuggle buddy or not. Not all dogs that sleep a lot like to cuddle with their humans. As long as you do a little research you will find the perfect dog for you.

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Last Update: May 12, 2020