Imagine this: a fisherman catches a fish, unhooks it, and then places it in his fishing boat. After a short while, he takes the fish and throws it back into the water. The fish that just escaped death then narrates the ordeal to other fishes. Do you think anyone would believe the narrator? In the same breath, would you believe another human if they told you they had an encounter with aliens? As you think about it, here are some quick alien facts to make your day.

1. Pope Francis Offered to Baptize Aliens If They Asked

To emphasize why Catholicism is a church of “open doors,” Pope Francis once claimed he was willing to baptize aliens if they asked. In his account, the pope did not want to close the doors to green Martians with “long noses and big ears.” He urged other Christians to accept the Holy Spirit regardless of how unimaginable the situation was. In a separate incident, a papal astronomer also said he was open to baptizing aliens because any entity, irrespective of its many tentacles, has a soul.

2. Stories about Aliens Date Back to The Second Century AD

A True Story, a science fiction short novel by the Syrian author Lucian of Samosata, talks about alien lifeforms among other outer space ventures. Interestingly, the story was written in the second century AD, further confirming that humanity recognized the possibility of alien existence since time immemorial.

3. Stephen Hawking Was Afraid of Aliens

Stephen Hawking was an English cosmologist and scientist famous for his work and fear of aliens. Throughout his life, among several other things, he spent his time and resources warning humanity about the dangers that aliens pose. In 2010, he said that the terrestrial beings were intelligent enough to be rapacious marauders who could roam the cosmos looking for new areas to colonize.

4. Two Men Once Claimed Abduction By Aliens

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When two men who were missing for some time were found by a local sheriff, they claimed they had been abducted by aliens. They said that the extraterrestrial beings had lobster-claw hands and carrot-like faces.

Obviously, the sheriff did not believe them, so he set them free but secretly followed and recorded them, hoping to burst their hoax. Interestingly, the men continued to discuss their experiences with the said enemies, with both seemingly terrified.

5. The Possibility of Alien Existence Has Always Been Terrifying to Humans


While it’s true that there is no concrete proof of aliens’ existence yet, humans who believe they do have always been afraid of their wrath. To them, aliens are dangerous extraterrestrial beings. To put this into perspective, in 1985, despite the Cold War, US President Ronald Reagan called for a truce with his USSR counterpart, President Mikhail Gorbachev. He recommended that both militaries unite and fight as one if an alien invasion ever happened.

6. A Scientist Believes Aliens Are Huge

Since there is no proof of alien existence on Earth, a scientist known as Fergus Simpson believes that, if the extraterrestrials exist, they must be very huge. This is because the other planets capable of sustaining life have lower gravitational pull.

7. The “Alien Mummies” Found in Peru Were Not Aliens

In late 2023, authorities at an airport were shocked to find a pair of “alien mummies” that mysteriously turned up at the public facility. This made the headlines for some time, with many speculating that they were aliens. However, in early 2024, scientific analysis revealed that the “alien mummies” were likely fashioned from both animal and human parts. Either way, they were not extraterrestrials.

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Last Update: January 15, 2024