Animals are unique creatures who, like humans, have evolved with nature. As such, some animals have, over time, acquired exceptional abilities. Today, we highlight some unique animal abilities, including some that you (probably) didn’t know existed.

1. Immortality

The Turritopsis Dohrnii, or the Inmortal Jellyfish, can return to its immature version. Simply put, an Inmortal Jellyfish can go from being very old to an infant. Therefore, as long as it’s not eaten by another animal or killed, this species of jellyfish can live forever.

2. Regeneration

While the ability to regenerate body parts is common amongst many animals, the axolotl tops them all. It’s a species of the salamander that can regenerate body parts such as the brain, heart, spinal cord, and even limbs. As a result, these animals can survive severe damage, making them almost unkillable. Scientists have for long researched the axolotl in hopes of finding the ingredients to create regenerative medicine.

3. Walking on Water

Nicknamed “Jesus Christ Lizard“, the Plummed Basilisk is a green-yellowish colored lizard that can walk on water. This reptile has flaps between its toes, creating a huge surface area between the feet and the water. As a result, it creates buoyancy as ships do, enabling the lizard to cross over water surfaces easily.

4. Camouflage

Camouflage isn’t an ability that can be termed rare because everyone knows about chameleons. However, it is a unique ability, considering how animals like chameleons and octopuses can change their color to match that of their surroundings, thus making them invisible to prey. It is one of nature’s unique evolution.

5. Super Punch

One would think that animals like elephants are equipped with the super punch ability due to their huge size. However, the trait is not limited to super-sized animals. If anything, the tiny, brightly-colored Mantis Shrimp possesses it, too.

Mantis shrimp can deliver a punch equivalent to a 22-caliber bullet. It moves at a speed of 23 m/s, and its shockwave comes with a force of 1500 Newtons. A punch from a Mantis Shrimp can kill an animal almost instantly. The animal has the most powerful punch.

6. Ultimate Survivor

There is an animal called the Tardigrade, which has survived mass extinction for years. Also known as the water bear, this animal can survive in the worst environments. For instance, the Tardigrade can withstand low temperatures of up to −272 °C and high temperatures of up to 150 °C. It can also survive the extreme pressure in deep-sea trenches and go without food for up to 30 years.

7. Generate Electricity without a Power Source

While logic dictates that generating electricity without a power source is impossible, some animals, like the electric eel, beg to differ. The species can generate electricity from its body, which it uses to sense prey by emitting location signals. Additionally, electric eels can generate up to 600 volts of electricity, which is powerful enough to kill prey. And by the way, an electric eel isn’t an eel; it is more of a knifefish species.

8. Human Brain

Research shows cats’ brains are 90% similar to human brains. This is probably why cats easily get along with human beings. From an anatomic point of view, the similarity between a cat and a human brain is uncanny. The cat’s cerebral cortex has about 300 million neurons.

Just like humans, cats have folds in the brain that are in charge of executing various tasks. This similarity enables cats to have excellent memory, with studies showing that the pets can remember events for up to 10 years.

9. Dreaming

For a while, dreaming was only associated with human beings. However, recent research and studies show that there are a few animals that can also dream, with spiders being one of them. Scientists have discovered that spiders experience REM-like sleep, and their dreams are quite vivid. Other animals believed to be capable of dreaming include rats, cats, lizards, and zebrafish.

10. Super Hearing

Bats may be blind, but their hearing ability is unrivaled. They use echolocation, which entails the emission of ultrasonic sound that bounces off objects and goes straight to their ears. This creates an auditory map in the bats’ brains.

As a result, they can fly easily, even in total darkness. Also, super hearing comes in handy in detecting objects such as food and threats. Some dolphins and whales also possess the echolocation ability.

11. Cold Temperature Resistance

An animal known as the arctic woolly bear caterpillar can withstand freezing temperatures (probably why it is named arctic). This species can withstand low temperatures of up to -90 degrees thanks to the anti-freeze proteins it produces. It lives its life as usual, even in such extreme temperatures.

12. Magnetic Navigation

Ships and airplanes aren’t the only ones that rely on the magnetic compass for navigation. Animals like pigeons have magnetite biological compasses in their beaks, allowing them to travel with the earth’s magnetic field. This ability comes in handy when traveling over long distances.

13. Liquification of the Body

Not only does the sea cucumber look weird, but it can also liquefy its body. This allows it to fit easily through narrow cracks while hunting for food or running away from predators.

14. Super Speed

Some animals, like cheetahs and ostriches, have been gifted with super speed to hunt their prey easily. A cheetah, for instance, can reach a speed of up to 60 mph. This animal can go from 0 to 60 faster than many cars on our roads. They can move fast because their slim bodies and legs are quite powerful.

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Last Update: May 17, 2024