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15 Interesting Facts About Antarctica

Here are 15 Interesting Antarctica facts.

1-5 Antarctica Facts

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1. There is a formation in Antarctica colloquially referred to as “Una’s t**s”, named after a woman who worked in the British Antarctic office. – Source

2. The 300 Club is the name given to people who have experienced an instantaneous 166 degree Celsius (300 °F) drop in temperature, in Antarctica when the temps reach -73C / -100F. – Source

3. Antarctica has a fire department because fire poses a serious threat to the researchers there. Antarctica is dry, windy, and doesn’t have a lot of liquid water to douse the flame with. – Source

4. There’s a tradition to name cosmic neutrinos discovered at Antarctica after Sesame Street characters. – Source

5. The Belgica Antarctica, the only true native insect in Antarctica can survive the freezing of its body fluids and can go without oxygen for 2-4 weeks. – Source

6-10 Antarctica Facts

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6. It is illegal to mine (for commercial uses) in Antarctica. – Source

7. A 100-year-old fruitcake was recently found in Antarctica. According to the explorers, the fruitcake was in excellent condition to the pointed that it looked and smelled almost edible. – Source

8. There is a liquid freshwater lake 12,000ft below Antarctica that has been isolated for over 15 million years and is teeming with life. – Source

9. Antarctica is said to be the largest desert in the world. – Source

10. A marathon and ultra marathon are run within the arctic circle of Antarctica. It’s called the Antarctic Ice Marathon, and it allows people to run a marathon on all seven continents. – Source

11-15 Antarctica Facts

Image credit: en.wikipedia.org

11. Two Sakhalin Husky survived for a year alone in Antarctica. – Source

12. An airplane was buried in Antarctica in 1971 and 17 years later it was recovered to make it fly. – Source

13. Antarctica had a nuclear power plant. – Source

14. “New Swabia” is an area of Antarctica claimed by Nazi Germany, with a view to setting up a whaling station and Naval base. – Source

15. Argentina owns “Argentine Antarctica”, a sector of Antarctica claimed by Argentina as a part of its national territory. – Source

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