AskReaders: How did you ‘cheat the system’?

November 6, 2015
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  1. Reverend Jim says:

    You don’t appear to have a FEEDBACK address so I’ll comment here. Your pic-facts 678 states that Mayim Bialik is anti-vaccine. In actuality ( she has stated “i would like to dispel the rumors about my stance on vaccines. i am not anti-vaccine. my children are vaccinated. there has been so much hysteria and anger about this issue and i hope this clears things up as far as my part.”

    1. Vincent Bérubé says:

      They have a ”contact us” button on the top or the website! (Above the kickassfacts logo)

  2. Matt says:

    The one i do like just living in a apartment building that you own meaning that all your neighbors pay you for what feels like nothing and you can kick them out whenever you want it does sound sweet except i would only do middle or rich because low class with probably become gang territroy and also i would not rent to single males (because most can be dirty) and would probably rent best to families

  3. Zach says:

    While I was going to college for computer networking I would cheat in every math class i ever took. At home I would just use a program called algebrator that would solve math problems for you and even show you the work. I would copy this down for homework. In class I would always tell the teacher I couldn’t afford a calculator at that time so I asked for permission to use my phone. I was never denied. So for class work and tests I would remote log in to my computer from my phone and fire up the program and do the same thing for my tests. The only time I would’t cheat was when I had to take a final. Which I would usually just barely pass but because I would ace all my other work I would often end up with either an A or B.

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