AskReaders: What gets weirder and weirder the more you think about it?

June 3, 2017
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  1. Emperor of Mankind says:

    Sometimes I zone out and realize that I am alive and conscious that the things I see actually exists. It’s like a moment of self-realization that your actually exist. No I don’t do drugs

  2. ganbate says:

    This article should be called “facts that Will blow your mind” part 2

  3. Annihilator100 says:

    I would have to kind of disagree with blind people not seing black. Black is by definition the lack of color, as in, nothing. the blackest man made object reflects less than 1% of light, and it looks clearly what we call black, well blind people merely see 0%, which is just a darker black. darkness = black = nothing. we can only see because there is light our eyes detect, but we can easily go into near air tight rooms with no light, and experience no light, which is what blind people experience, and the color to be described is black. much like cold, we assigned a word to describe the lack of something. cold is a lack of heat, darkness is a lack of light, and when we see things that reflect almost no light, we call them black. darkness is just the blackest black, the color of nothing, which is what blind people see, nothing.

    1. neal smith says:

      There is a difference between the lack of colors of the spectrum and not being able to conceive said spectrum in the first place.

      Even sighted people can witness this in a way. Close both of your eyes. What do you see? Black. Now close just one eye. What happens? It just kind of disappears and nothing replaces it. Now imagine being able (or, I mean, having to) repeat that with the other eye.

    2. Liam Hillman says:

      The sentence: “a lot more people have been to France than I have”

  4. Mick says:

    Sometimes I am almost certain that we and all other life-forms are small receptors for a living, sentient Multiverse – transferring data to overall whole being. When I say “sentient” I am thinking of an awareness of such complexity that it inconceivable to a human and certainly not as petty and mean as “gods.” As I think of that, it is the reality that is occurring in the wetware of my brain. Then I need to play in my garden.

  5. Michael Mouse says:

    6. Static.

    7. Cameras are getting better all the time and when the differences are indistinguishable there will likely be new technologies which usurp the position of the photo. The photograph will seem quaint in the way that a 17th century oil painting of a lady (as good as it may be) will still feel like an old medium and very different to a black and white photo.

    17. Quantum mechanics and gravity have not been reconciled by humans yet.

    23. You’d have met someone else and may be writing this about them, or not, and you’d be wondering what the odds of that were.

    25. Not always easily.

  6. Inanna says:

    I think about the fact that life has been here about 4 billion years, and that we are all made from the same stuff those first life forms were made out of. As science tells us, the Earth is basically a big recycling unit for life. Water passes through everything, calcium moves from my skeleton to a whale’s, iron comes from the stars and we all share it in our blood. Presumably, then, the spark of consciousness is also recycled from lifetime to lifetime, yet none of us can ever be conscious of anything except the current moment we are in. When you think about it, it’s truly nuts – being 4 billion years old and we’ve all known nothing but this exact moment for that entire time.

    I think this really says something meaningful about the nature of time, eternity and consciousness, but am also pretty certain we’ll never know (as humans) what exactly that meaning is.

    And I’m not at all ashamed to say that, yeah, I have taken drugs but I get all my deepest thoughts (including this one) when stone cold sober!

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