AskReaders: What is a conspiracy theory you believe to be true?

March 4, 2016
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  1. aaron says:

    I actually kinda believe all of these. ..o_O

    1. LobsterCowboy says:

      Not “all”, but def some

  2. Fred says:

    #10 – that is exactly how it works, actually. Not a conspiracy so much as a business plan.

    1. LobsterCowboy says:

      “Bejeweled Blitz”
      Started playing bejeweled when it was a PalmOs app, now with blitz, only get “free” coins in dribbles, then, if I buy some, i get big prizes.

  3. Abigail says:

    I can get behind #20. Wasn’t it like near a military base or something when it went down? I also think that while the crashes may be real, those towers didn’t come down like that naturally. I am not saying “jet fuel can’t melt steel beams” (they can), I’m saying there was a rigged explosion like when they collapse old vegas hotels.

    1. Kibu says:

      “near a military base or something when it went down?” About 300 miles from an Army base. There were aircraft scrambled to intercept it, but they were just getting off the ground (and about 500 miles away) when it crashed.

  4. Emperor of Mankind says:

    What the Illuminati is actually an incompetent, understaffed, and underfunded secret society that is desperately trying to show they a major world influence by posting fake conspiracy illuminati videos on YouTube and their symbolism in music videos

    1. LobsterCowboy says:

      red herring. LOLZ

  5. Andrew says:

    #15. Men’s and women’s razors are different because they serve a different purpose. Men typically use their razors for their face, while women will use theirs for legs, armpits, etc. The face (particularly guy’s faces) typically has fewer contours and coarser hairs, which requires a different designs for the blades and handles (at least to make them as easy as possible). Many women actually complain when they try male razors because they just don’t do the job they need them to do, and so will voluntarily buy the more expensive female razors simply because they shave legs better than faces.

    1. LobsterCowboy says:

      do you actually live with a woman?
      they have all used my razor instead of “girly” ones

  6. Lola Tanner says:

    I whole heartedly believe #10 because I think the EXACT same thing every single freaking time… Then I toggle between the normal Candy Crush and the other one with Odus the Owl… Then if I don’t play for a couple of days and return, I almost always beat the level on the 1st try.

  7. 2018anon says:

    funnily in 2018 apple was discovered to slow older phones, so #11 is true

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