AskReaders: What is the biggest movie plot-hole you have ever seen?

February 26, 2016
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  1. jo archer says:

    My favourite is the Usual Suspects, there is no way that a dropped cigarette would set fire to petrol (gas). You can throw lit cigarettes into buckets of diesel or petrol all day long and the cigarette just goes out. The ignition point of petrol is far higher than the combustion point of a cigarette. However in that it was all just a lie by Kevin Spaceys character they can get away with it. All the other movies that show cigarettes lighting petrol are flawed.

    Similarly though I don’t think 12 or 18 were true plot holes…

    12. The door might previously have been guarded or alarmed which would not be the case once Alcatraz was no longer an active prison.

    18. The point of Final Destination is that your fate will kill you when your time is up. When one thing fails to kill you something else does, always appearing ostensibly as chance. It happens several times in the first movie (I haven’t bothered with the others). Surely the people he saved from the rollercoaster accident will all then suffer different accidents and those who were still on board would have then derailed by some other ‘freak’ cause.

  2. Zenight says:

    11. You missed the point of the Matrix, they are not harvesting humans for energy but for processing power!
    This is hinted by the fact the machines have destroyed “Zion” multiple times, so they would know about the much more efficient energy source that is geothermal energy on which Zion runs.
    Also, if we view human brains used as part of a massive CPU, it makes sense that they have limited (or not so limited in the case of Neo) control of the Matrix because they are *a sentient part of the hardware* that runs it.
    This also explain why Neo can use his powers in the “real world”, he’s still in the Matrix, just in another layer of the program.
    In fact no one has ever escaped the Matrix, just moved to another folder basically.
    If you approach the Matrix as harvesting brains for their computing power every plothole makes sense, like how Neo can enter the Train-Man’s world while being “off-line” he’s not off-line he’s hooked to the Matrix, just in the “Zion” layer of it.

  3. Slatibartfast says:

    19. The waterfall merely negates magical disguises, it doesn’t cancel magic altogether.

  4. Miss Mona says:

    How about the fact that in every disaster/apocalyptic movie or show the women somehow maintain smooth hairless legs and under arms.

  5. Daniel says:

    I read before that Lucas did not intend for Leia to be his sister. Hence the kiss in the first movie. Would explain why Vader did not sense the force. It wasn’t written yet.

  6. Michael Reilly says:

    Storks: Why didn’t the storks just send Tulip to an orphanage and/or foster home instead of keeping her on Stork Mountain? The CEO already intended to fire her when she turned 18.

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