AskReaders: What is the creepiest thing that has happened to you? – Part 2

February 12, 2016
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  1. adrian says:

    scary about the boy and the bear man, never be seen again. Weird though the girl going up the tree and not coming back down….wha ??

  2. R. Rosby says:

    I hate to say it, but it’s not really “ask readers” when what you’re actually doing is copying and pasting word-for-word stories that have been around on the Internet for years, spelling mistakes, poor grammar and all, especially when this is far from the first article you’ve done that with. I love this web site and it’s really interesting, but “ask readers” is more than a bit of a lie. You don’t need to pretend; your readers appreciate the work that goes into collating these collections. Please just call them collections, anecdotes, etc, or actually start asking readers questions and gathering their answers.

    (Anyone who doesn’t believe that most of these are direct copies, just take a chunk of one of the stories, paste it into google and see how many years ago it was first posted on Reddit, Rotton Tomatoes or Creepypasta)

    1. Abigail says:

      R. Rosby, mine was the last one and I let them copy it from the comments section of the first round of these.

      1. R. Rosby says:

        That’s one. I think I’ve found a handful of others that are original, but out of 50 stories that’s not really basis to claim this post is original content from readers.

        At least half are copied from years-old posts. It’s great of them to collect and post it, but calling it “Ask Readers” and claiming that they got all these from the regular contributors they asked just means that either their contributors were stealing and KickAssFacts doesn’t bother to check its sources, or they didn’t actually ask their readers and just took stories that had already been written and proven popular, which seems more likely since the vast majority of the stories in this and the previous post are word-for-word and mistake-for-mistake identical to an Ask Reddit thread from last year (titled “What is the creepiest thing that has ever ACTUALLY happened to you?”).

        1. Sheltowee says:

          Your being a d*ck. Just enjoy it.

  3. R. Rosby says:

    Still deleting any post that points out your lie? Rapidly losing all respect for this web site.

    I KNOW that a lot of your regular features are copied from Reddit, but as this site is much simpler to follow and better laid-out, and you usually make no claim that it’s original content, that’s fine and I’d rather get it here than there. The only problem I have is with the lies you tell when you claim that this came from asking your readers, when it clearly didn’t.

    I doubt it would take much effort to simply alter the description of the post like you did for the previous one, just removing “Ask Readers” from the title since you clearly didn’t. Instead you’re continuing to be dishonest not only through the title, but by deleting every comment that challenges you. Changing the title to an honest one would be much less effort.

    1. Samiam says:

      Wow, so the site deletes comments asking it not to lie, but is happy to keep swearing, abusive tantrums? KickAssFacts really needs to have a long, hard think about its priorities.

    2. kelly says:

      um, mods? kids use this site.

    3. Starlight says:

      Well I enjoyed reading them, don’t care where they came from or what it’s titled. Keep up the good work guys!

  4. Jake says:

    I live in Utah and would love to know where 21 took place. My dad has had some creepy stuff happen in the mountains of central Utah.

  5. Zita says:

    Need more of these stories.

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