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1-5 Creepy Stories

Window Faces

1. From when I was five until I was about seven, I used to see faces outside my second floor bedroom window all the time. We were living in a tiny farmhouse in a heavily wooded/secluded area, and obviously nobody was out there. But every night, I’d see them. Some were just normal faces, others had weird expressions, and others were horribly distorted and disfigured. I still distinctly remember seeing those faces, but up until recently, I’d chalked it up as a false memory and insanely overactive imagination.

About seven years ago, we moved out of that house and a family friend, Jake, purchased it. Jake had a daughter, Lily, who was (at the time this took place) five years old. About two years ago, I went over there for a visit and Jake asked my boyfriend for some advice, since he was studying to be a doctor. “Every night Lily claims she sees faces in her window, and she won’t go to sleep. Anything you can recommend to me?” Turns out Lily’s room is my old room, and she is the same age as I was when I started seeing them. I just about died. I’m a science fanatic. I do not believe in this kind of thing. But for the life of me, I can’t explain my way out of this one.

2. I’m not sure if this counts but it happened last week and really creeped me out.

I was friends with a girl when I was a teenager, not best friends but we went to the same school and I would go over and hang out in her house after school sometimes. She was extremely quiet in school and had no friends so her mom would often ask my mom to send me round so she would have someone to hang out with. I didn’t mind cause she was quite funny and talked a bit when it was just the two of us! Anyway we fell out of touch a long time ago and I haven’t spoken to or seen her in years – like 15 years I’d say. Last week I was at my desk in work and she just popped into my head for some reason, I was just working and I thought of her. Specifically my thought was ‘is xxx alive or dead?’. I don’t know why I thought that specifically, so I made a mental note to ask my mom next time we spoke. Then the two days later I got an email from my mom –

‘A bit of sad news. xxx died on Monday.’ It creeped me right out. My logical mind tells me it’s just a weird coincidence but it really shook me when I got the email. I haven’t thought of her in so long, and it was the day she died that she pops into my head.

3. I was on a road trip with my girlfriend and her friend at the time. It’s in the middle of the day (so the psychological effects that the night has were not in play) and we decide to stop for a bathroom break. Being in the middle of Appalachia, we see a small rest stop and get off the interstate, as we may not get another chance for a while. The stop is pretty basic. Essentially, it’s just a bath house with a small parking lot attached. It’s pretty open so we can see everything around it (not many trees or other foliage). There was one other car parked on the far side of the building. I’m about to open the door when I get this VERY strong feeling that I should NOT go in that building. I have absolutely no idea why I feel this way, the building isn’t inherently creepy or anything, I just do. Deciding to listen to my sub-conscious, I open my mouth to suggest we go somewhere else when my gf’s friend says, “Guys, I have a very bad feeling about that place. Can we go somewhere else?” Nothing was said between getting there and her speaking up. Chills go down my spine and we nope out of there. To this day, I still can’t explain what happened other than we both got the same, strong, foreboding feeling from a random bathroom in the middle of nowhere.

4. I lived in a shady neighborhood for about 10 years. One day at like 3pm, I was out walking my dog. A guy came up to me in a rush. There was a huge bulge under his shirt, it was moving around, and his shirt was soaking wet. (It was a white shirt, no blood, just wet). He asked me “Do you know where the Native Centre is?” There was nothing like that anywhere near us, and I told him so. He turned and RAN, holding the animal (?) in his shirt, yelling “SSSHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTT”. He turned a corner and he was gone. It wasn’t scary but it was definitely unexplained.

5. As a teenager my parents moved into another house, because our previous one caught fire. One morning I woke up smelling breakfast, I’m like hell yeah mom’s cooking pancakes, bacon and eggs. I mean the smell was right on the money. My brother and I get up to see no one cooking and my mom asleep. Ok, whatever. Tell my mom about it later and she looks crazy shocked. She said the landlord told her jokingly about it being haunted by an old lady that cooks breakfast sometimes. She never told us until then. That was the only time it ever happened.

6-10 Creepy Stories

Lost Iphone

6. This happened about a year ago and is definitely creepy encounter material.

The night this happened I had been at a friend’s loft watching an old scary movie (The Fog). We started the movie late and I fell asleep midway through. I was woken by a thunderstorm around 2:30AM, and that was my exit.

On the way home I stopped for gas. The service station itself was closed, with the pumps being open for anyone paying by card. I live in a large but spread out city and the gas station that I was at is just outside of the arts district, which is like a ghost town late at night.

While filling up I noticed an iPhone laying on the ground at the next pump. With no one around for miles and being the snoop I can be, I decided to pick up the phone and take it with me for further inspection. I figured someone would call and I would locate the owner that way, and if not then I would return it to the gas station the next day when there was an attendant on duty.

While driving home I started snooping through the phone. Surprisingly, the phone was almost fully charged and there was no passcode set. I thought it was strange that the phone wasn’t locked, but not strange enough to give it more than a second thought. Of course I went straight to the photos. What I found was not what I expected. I think there were around 50 pics on the phone. All of the pictures with the exception of 2 pictures were candid pictures of a young guy around my age in various locations, with at least 10-15 of those pictures being of him apparently working at a Target, and maybe 5 of the photos being taken in the arts district where I just came from. The 2 pictures that were not of this guy were selfies of a man whose face was slightly disfigured by what appeared to be burns. They weren’t terrible burns, but they definitely made the guy look scary and seeing him staring back at me in those pictures really spooked me. Weirder still, the selfies had clearly been taken inside of a Target and there was a young guy in the background of the pictures who I think was the same guy in all of the other pictures. Realizing I had stumbled onto something weird I closed the photos app and as soon as I did that the phone locked and a message appeared that said “I know you have my phone and I know where you are. I’m coming for my phone” I had completely forgotten about Find My iPhone until that moment. I quickly realized that the owner of the phone had remotely activated Find My iPhone and was probably tracking me in real time. I thought about taking the phone back to the gas station and dropping it where I found it, but the message along with the photos got the best of me and I started to get paranoid. I had the crazy idea in my head that maybe the owner of the phone had also somehow activated the phone’s camera and could see me. I’ll be honest, I was a little stoned at the time. Fearing the apparent burn victim and stalker who the phone belonged to, I did what any normal and well adjusted adult would do – I pulled over, smashed the phone, and ditched it in a ripple glass recycling can on the opposite side of town. My bad. But maybe this act of property destruction saved some poor guy from his stalker? I hope so.

7. This happened to me last summer. It was all over the news, and if I gave my name, you would be able to Google me and read my testimony, but for now I will reserve that info. Last summer, I started seeing this new girl, and she was really sweet and pretty perfect. We went out and partied at the Jersey Shore the night prior to this happening, and didn’t get home until 3am. When we got home we had a marathon of sex and didn’t fall asleep until around 6:30-7am. It was such a great night I was on an adrenaline high. At 11am, she woke up, Saturday morning, panicked. She began to scramble and throw on clothes. I asked her what was up, still laying in bed, and she yelled out to me, my parents are coming over (her house) at 1pm. My house is a mess and I have to go buy food and alcohol. I need your help, GET DRESSED!

I slowly got up and rubbed my eyes, still feeling very alive from the night before. We both got dressed, me much calmer than her, and I agreed to drive her to Walmart so she could buy everything she needed for her day with her family. When we got to Walmart, she asked me to just let her out by the front entrance, and suggested I just waited in the car, as I was half asleep still and would’ve only slowed her down. She rushed into the store and I went to go find a parking spot.

The lot was packed, so I had to park far away by the tire shop across the lot. I texted her to let me know when she was coming out so I could pull up and pick her up where I dropped her off. As I sat in my car, slightly daydreaming about the great night I had, and fantasizing about the great days to come with my new “friend,” I closed my eyes and recall beginning to get into a rhythmic breathing pattern that would put even the most alert person into a state of REM sleep. I felt myself doze off and it was amazing, the air conditioning from my car gently easing me to zzz-land.

A few minutes later, my heart raced, as I suddenly and violently was jolted from my nap. Some very sketchy looking man stood outside my passage side window, holding a red gas can. The way he knocked on my window jarred me. I was angry, and I’m a pretty big guy at 6’5″ and this creep was very tall as well, but very gaunt and slender, a lanky looking drifter who is probably the kind of person that would take any drug you put in front of him.

He motioned for me to roll my window down and stuttered out to me, “Hey Sir, do you think you can help me out? I just need a few bucks for gas, my car ran out.” As I mentioned, I was angry he woke me up in such a fashion, so my immediate response was a dismissive, and rude, “No, I don’t have any cash.” The vagrant implored me, “Sir, please, I’m desperate and stranded.” Again I just said no, dismissing him again and began to roll my window up. He stuck his free hand on the top of the window glass. “Sir, even the change in your cup holder could help me, please, I’m in a horrible situation.” Realizing this guy wasn’t going to leave me alone, I decided to give in and reach into my pants pocket where I fished out a few singles. Before I gave them to him, my “friend” texted me, “I’m outside, where are you? “Parked by the tire shop, dealing with a homeless person begging me for money.” I responded.

I put my phone down and rolled my window down and it automatically went all the way down. I reached towards the man with $3 in my hand, and what happened next changed my life. In less than a second, I could see he was gearing up to attack me. His face got serious and he pursed his lips, gritting his teeth, as he dropped the gas can and reached in with his left hand, lunging for my arm and grabbing it with all the strength in his 140 pound frail body. I tried to pull away and screamed “Get the f*** off me!” but he had my arm in a vice grip. With his free hand, he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a syringe which was loaded with God knows what. He turned, freeing my arm up a bit, but it was too late, he had already stuck his needle in my arm and pushed down on the plunger, releasing whatever it contained into my blood stream. I again screamed and pulled my arm free. He pulled back and stared into my car and I screamed at him I was going to kill him. This made him even more intense, as I remember him screaming “bring it on.” But before I could hear what he said next, I felt my eyes go black and myself lose consciousness. I was out cold.

As it turns out, I woke up several hours later in a hospital bed, my friend and my parents and brother standing over me. They rejoiced as I came to, and my mother called for the doctor and nurse. I asked what happened and my mother told me:

“Sweetheart, you were attacked. A deranged maniac stuck you with a paralyzing agent and you passed out. Jen had spotted your car, and what was going on, she’s the reason you’re alive. She saw the man standing around your car and noticed you weren’t moving, so she called 911 and luckily, there was a police officer down the street that responded in under 2 minutes. Jen screamed out at the man that she sees him and she called the cops and they were on the way. He jumped into the car and tried pushing you out of the drivers seat, but before he could, the police arrived and took him down with a non-lethal taser. It turns out he was a homeless, recently released mental patient, and he intended to abduct you and God only knows what he was going to do to you next. But Jen saved your life.”

What a huge bombshell to drop on someone who just returned to the land of the living. Jen and I are engaged now, we plan to marry in this year.

8. This is a story about my sister and I growing up. My parents moved into our house about 6 months before I was born. When I was four, my sister came along. It was an idyllic childhood for two young girls, and most of our days were spent in the large oak tree on our front lawn.

Then there was Sammy. Sammy was about 7 when I was born, lived next door, and a had severe mental retardation. This isn’t going to sound nice, but we were a little frightened of him. He was a big kid, and very loud and strong. My parents explained why he was like that, and he was never malicious, but we just didn’t understand. One thing that freaked us out was that he would often watch us as we were in the front yard. In hindsight, that was our saving grace. One summer morning when I was 8, making my sister 4 and Sammy 15, she and I were out in the front yard as usual. We were making tents for our American Girl Dolls. Lost in our work, we didn’t notice the man with stringy, oily hair watching us from the sidewalk.

“You little girls having fun?” He asked. We nodded silently, stranger danger imbedded thick in our skulls at that time. “What’s her name?” He prodded, pointing at my doll. “Molly. Mister, we have to go inside now.” I yanked my sister up by the arm. “See you later,” he replied. We ran into the house, leaving our dolls outside. The man was all but forgotten after lunch when we went back out to play. Except- Molly’s clothes were missing! I thought stupidly that maybe a squirrel had taken them, when we heard someone clearing their throat behind us. It was the man, and he had Molly’s clothes. “I need those back please”, I said, to which he replied- “Come get them.”

It wasn’t smart to go up to him, little sister in tow, it really wasn’t, but I wanted my dolls clothes back. Of course, the second we got close, he grabbed both of us by the arm and started yanking, pulling us towards the creek that ran on the other side of the street. My little sister was screaming, I was in shock and must have felt like a bag of cement, and I clearly remember thinking “Wow, Mommy’s going to be so sad when she can’t find us.” A great lurch from behind threw the man off of his feet, and he and my sister went down while I unsteadily held my ground, spinning to see who it was. It was Sammy, and he was fuming. He kicked the man, grazing my sister in the process. “Nobody touches my girls,” he stuttered, kicking the man again. The guy took off running. Sammy scooped my wailing sister up and took my hand, and walked the two of us back to our house where my mother was frantically running onto the lawn, having seen the end of the encounter. The man was never found.

Sammy passed away last year of a heart defect he had long suffered from. There wasn’t a dry eye in town.

9. My friend lives about a block away from my house, and we would often meet in the evening. One day, we lost track of time, and I ended up missing my last bus at 2 am. Since it wasn’t that far, and we don’t live in a particularly unsafe area, I decided I would walk home. I am a 20-year-old girl, but I look very young, and can easily pass off as a 15 year old, so typically people don’t try to pick me up on the street.

I walked by the main street, where many people were still driving around and coming in and out of the 24h McDonalds. As I stopped for a minute to light my cigarette, a car pulled up next to me and a man started calling out to me. I typically don’t respond to random guys calling me on the street, but I thought that maybe he needed help or something (I mean, it was 2 in the morning and maybe he was lost?). I asked him if he was okay, and he asked me if I wanted to grab a coffee with him. I wasn’t interested in drinking coffee at such a time and I politely declined, but he didn’t take no for an answer. He kept trying to convince me, so I just kept on walking. After a few minutes of driving along slowly as I walked, he turned around and drove away.

I finished my cigarette, and answered a call from my friend, who was worried about me and wanted to check if I got home yet. I told her about the creepy guy and we laughed it off. She decided it was best we stayed on the phone so we would both feel safer. The whole time, however, there was an annoying cab driver, who kept asking me if I needed a ride. I kept ignoring him, until I reached the intersection and suddenly, three cabs came from different directions and started flashing their lights and honking their horns, scaring the crap out of me. I screamed “What the hell is going on?!” and one of the cab drivers screamed back “Look behind you!”.

When I turned around, I saw a man running away in the opposite direction. From what the cab driver told me, he saw the guy that tried to ask me out for coffee earlier had parked his car in an alley and followed me the whole way, hiding behind buildings and bushes whenever I looked back. He called his fellow cab drivers and they all scared him away right when he was about to grab me.

Ever since that day, I refuse to walk alone at night, even if it’s just a walk around the block.

10. This was happened when I was 21 years old. There was a series of break-ins in my area that this time, and some of my neighbours were robbed at knife point. There were also a few rapes during those break-ins. At the time of this incident, no one had been caught for those crimes yet, so everyone was on high alert. I was actually scared to be alone in my house because I had been attacked in other incidents before and was still traumatised. Unfortunately, I was alone on this particular night.    Something woke me up at about 1am, and I laid in my bed, awake, alert and listening. I didn’t hear anything else, so I laughed at myself and assumed that I must have been dreaming. I went down to my kitchen to get a cold drink.

My kitchen windows have no blinds and therefore anyone in my backyard can see in. I have a backdoor light that I always keep on at nights. As I closed my refrigerator door (which is slightly reflective), I could see the reflection of a man peering into my house. He probably climbed over my back wall. I could see him holding something shiny in his hand. I was really scared at this point and wasn’t sure of what to do. Do I run into the living room and call the police? Do I start screaming? Do I try to run out the front door? A hundred different options flew through my mind in seconds.

Then I opened my refrigerator door again, put my cold drink back in and took out half a watermelon that was in there. I grabbed my knife from the drawer next to me. I placed the watermelon on the kitchen counter. Then with the most maniacal and sick grin that I could muster, I started stabbing the watermelon on the open half. The watermelon juice got EVERYWHERE. I laughed hysterically as I stabbed and stabbed at it, mainly because I was REALLY scared and truly hysterical at this point.     With my clothes and hands dripping with watermelon juice, I turned towards the window and raised my knife to above my shoulders. He was still there! I looked him in the eye and tried to smile, but it probably came out as a sneer. I opened my eyes wide, then with loud “Ha Ha HA HA HA HA”s, I walked towards him, gripping my kitchen knife tightly in my hands.

HE RAN, screaming like a crazed maniac, into the night. His screams woke the neighbours, who shouted for us to “be quiet!”. I never called the police, mainly because I didn’t know what to tell them. I didn’t want to admit that I would have tried my best to stab that man had he not run away. I slept with my knife that night and cleaned up the watermelon mess in the morning.

11-15 Creepy Stories

Creepy Man

11. I was driving home from a big big city near my little town late at night after a day there with this dude on our first date sometime in March of 2012. My date was asleep and his seat was reclined really low. We got into town at around 1am and I noticed this guy standing on the corner I was about to stop at at a red light. He looked like he was probably on something. He was talking to himself and pacing. I was a little nervous, but whatever. I’m a little too quick to judge people sometimes.

So I stopped and we accidentally made eye contact… At least I accidentally did. I could tell he was yelling at be cause I kept hearing “b***h” and some other… Uh… Things as I was stopped at the LONGEST RED LIGHT EVER as the guy I was with was sleeping cozily in the passenger seat (really really reclined.) After about 10 seconds of the guy cussing me out he hopped over to my car and swings the passenger door open REACHING FOR ME. I started screaming bloody murder and the guy I was on the date with woke up suddenly and started smacking the guy (I think it started as reflexes). The crazy guy is yelling “f**k, man! Didn’t see you! f**k! Oh f**k, didn’t see you! This b***h!” Etc., and my date pushed him out the door as I zoom off, running the red. He closed the door and yelled “WHO THE f**k… WHAT THE f**k WAS…?” I’m hyperventilating and then I started half laughing half crying because my nerves were shot.

We got some ice cream at 1am. Then I took him home and went home myself. We laughed about it. But, I don’t like to think what would have happened if he hadn’t been there. That dude with that was sleeping in my car on the first date married me three weeks ago. 🙂 You bet your g*ddamn bottom dollar we told the story of our first date.

12. They filmed parts of the Exorcist at the college I went to. There are all sorts of spooky urban legend type stories told about the “cursed” filming of that movie, feel free to look them up.

I love ghost stories and urban legends, but our Exorcist campus stories didn’t do much for me. The idea that the filming of a Hollywood movie would bring ghosts or demons or whatever to haunt college kids in their dorms was not particularly creepy or interesting. Certainly less so than other campus legends we had like the dorm that used to be an old morgue or the secret tunnels that ran under campus that were used to wheel bodies to the said morgue. I liked those ones, but The Exorcist stuff just seemed hokey.

Several weeks after classes had ended my junior year, I was scheduled to leave on one of those overseas volunteer trips that college kids do. Our group was scheduled to leave from campus and head to the airport together early one June morning. We decided it would be fun to all spend the night before on campus together.

All the dorms had been emptied out for the summer, with the exception of the one or two they kept open for summer students. One of the people coming on our trip, however, was a school employee who lived on campus in a nice air-conditioned apartment in one of the closed-up dorms. As you’re probably guessing by now, yes, it was a dorm in which they filmed an Exorcist scene, supposedly in the basement.

Out of the whole group of us, there were only two guys, me and my friend Brian. The girls all decided to have a big sleepover on the floor in the staff member’s 4th floor apartment. Brian and I decided to go off and find an empty room with beds (but not an air conditioner unit) to stay in down the hall. Partly because we both wanted to sleep in a bed, partly because hours of late night girl talk didn’t interest us, and partly because we knew about the haunted reputation of the building and thought it would be fun.

There was a lot going on in my mind that night. I was super excited about the trip; I had never been overseas before. I really wanted to get a good night’s sleep so I started off the trip feeling good and not crabby. The room Brian and I chose was incredibly hot and stuffy though, even with the windows opened as much as they would go, and my mind was racing the whole night, thinking about the long flight in the morning. The hours just dripped away.

At some point after hours of lying awake, I started feeling like I had to pee. The only open bathroom in the building was down on the first floor. I knew that getting up and going to the bathroom was just going to make me feel even more awake, so I tried to fight it. Also, as much as I didn’t put much stock in the silly Exorcist ghosts or whatever, the idea of going down to the first floor in the dark didn’t seem particularly appealing.

Eventually though, the need to pee was just too strong. I got up and, using my cell phone as a light, found my way to the elevator, went down to the first floor, relieved myself, and started back up. I got back into the elevator and pressed the button for the 4th floor. Instead, the elevator decided to go down, taking me to the basement. Being that there was nobody else staying in the building that night besides us, my heart started pounding. I had been in sort of a sleepy daze, and suddenly I was wide awake and thinking what the f**k is going on.

When the doors to the basement opened, I closed my eyes. I didn’t want to look out. I felt my way over to the panel and peeked out just enough to find the button for the 4th floor. I pressed it. The doors started to close, but then jolted, as if someone had stuck their arm between them to stop them.

So, I’m just standing there in the elevator, it’s deathly quiet, I’m breaking into a cold sweat despite the fact that the building was like a furnace, and I keep pressing 4, and the door keeps trying to shut but can’t. Eventually I open my eyes and look out, just to make sure there’s not actually something stuck between the doors, and all I see is the pitch dark of the basement beyond. I’m starting to think I’m going to have to go out into that darkness and find the stairs if I want to get back to the room.

That’s when I hear it, and I swear to god this actually happened, I hear a person muttering something off in that darkness. I close my eyes again and just keep pounding on that button and eventually, the doors are able to close and they take me back up to the 4th floor.

Suffice to say, I never got back to sleep that night and I started off the trip being really crabby and feeling out of sorts.

13. Two of my best friends, who were also a couple, died last summer in a freak drowning accident. We were living together at the time of their deaths. In the weeks after they’d died I’d frequently wake up to noises in their bedrooms or hear knocking on my bedroom door. One night while the search and recovery was still ongoing for one of their bodies I heard my friend shout my name in distress, my ears were ringing from it and he was finally found the next day in what was meant to be the last day of the search for him.

I moved out of that house two months later and to a new city for a job. Every time I visit one of my friend’s families I always use my friends ensuite and take some time to sit in her room, a few times I’ve heard knocking on the ensuite door, it’s a glass frosted door and there’s never anyone else in her room. It’s a nice feeling though that makes me smile.

Since I’ve moved to the new city I’ve had two stand out things happen. The first time I was under the covers playing candy crush laying on my right side. I felt someone sit down on the bed behind me and then the covers were pulled off of me with quite a force. I instinctively thought it was my boyfriend so I was “wtf are you doing?! ” pulled them back over my head again and then suddenly froze on the spot. My boyfriend was at the gym and I was the only one home. It took me at least 5 mins to come out from under the covers and look. There was no one there.

A few weeks after that me and my boyfriend got in to bed one night after visiting friends. My boyfriend then sat up really quickly and was freaking out a little he said while his hand was laying still under the covers he felt a ring slide on to his pinky finger. It was my missing Claddagh ring that I lost a few months back. I immediately started crying. One of my friends who died wore a Claddagh ring also and I had told him how to wear it properly when he and my other friend got together (the heart faces inwards when your heart is taken).

He was one of the only other people who wore that ring and we both loved what the rings represented. I was devastated when I lost it. We have no idea how it appeared under the covers but I’m so glad to have it back again.

14. A couple of years ago my SO and I were staying the night at his friend’s house since we had a bit to drink. I was sleeping on the couch, and I woke up because someone was moving around in the room.

There was an older woman, maybe in her 60s, walking towards the hallway. I started to adjust and she looked at me, and I asked what she was doing. She apologized for waking me and said that she was going to check on Skyler, who was their 2 year old. I assumed she was the girl’s mom, because she would stay in their guest room fairly frequently.

I went back to sleep and woke up again a little later. I could hear Skyler talking and laughing. Went back to sleep again.

When I woke up the third time it was because Skyler was crying and I could hear some electronic toy going off in his room. The woman came back down the hall and said “Sorry. I stepped on a doll and it woke him up.” I told her it was fine, and I heard Skyler’s mom go to his room to put him back to sleep.

When we were all up the next morning for breakfast I asked about her mom and they looked at me like I was crazy. I said that a woman woke me up a couple of times during the night and I assumed it was her mom staying in the guest room. She said that her mom was not there, and asked if I talked to the woman. I said that she apologized for waking me and Skyler up. When he was crying last night it was because she had stepped on a doll that made noise and it woke him up. Her husband just stared at her and goes “I told you there was a ghost in this house!”

Apparently he had something messing with him on a regular basis, like knocking his drinks over and stuff. Turns out he was abusive and they split not long after this.

15. When I was 8 years old a man walked up behind me, called my name and said, “You won’t remember me, but we are proud of you. We are watching you. Be good now. You are important.”

I ran inside the barber shop to my mom and told her. She went outside, but there was no one there. Ever since then I’ve felt like I’m being watched, but that I’m destined for something special. Epic troll possibly, but inspiring none the less.

16-20 Creepy Stories

Blue Light

16. So I’m 17 years old at the time, and I used to live in a small town in the Pacific Northwest not too far from the base of Mt. Rainier. One night last April my girlfriend and I are going camping up in the hills above said small town. We had started a fire by dusk, and we were sitting on a log that overlooked a narrow valley with a river running through it, and other hills and ridges across from us, heavily forested abut very flat altogether. We decided to smoke a couple bowls once the moon came out. I had been camping out here with friends back in 8th grade and I can still say I know the area well. After a night of stoned adventures under the stars, my girlfriend was exhausted and I carried her back to our tent so she could sleep comfortably, and I went to sit by the fire for another half hour. When I went back inside the tent and laid down with her in our sleeping bag, it was about 2:30 A.M., and I was no longer stoned. I fell asleep listening to her soft breathing and feeling her warmth, and was genuinely very comfortable.

I wake up out of the blue. I check my watch and it’s about 3:45. An overwhelming feeling of dread is washing over me and my eyes start to tear up. I don’t know if it was fear or overwhelming panic, but I wasn’t crying. Just tearing up. I unzip the tent and walk out into our campsite, shirtless, holding nothing but a small .22 I had brought (I didn’t think anything bigger would be necessary). The night was dead. Clear sky, you could see all the stars and the moon was beautiful with no light pollution. I turn around. Gazing out over the valley and standing on the log we had sat on several hours prior, I see it. On the ridge to the northeast of us, are two bright blue lights. I lift the gun, as if it could do anything. They’re searching the hill, and I think “maybe they’re loggers”, but the soft breeze that blew earlier had disappeared and I couldn’t hear any distant sounds of a truck, and I know there aren’t any roads that lead up there. It was silent. I knelt like Native American tracker or some tribal hunter, watching.

Mind you I’m scrawny and wear glasses and have long-ish black hair in a bun, I don’t look as intimidating as I think I do. I’m watching these lights and they keep moving, quickly, panning across the ridge. I thought they could’ve been lost campers, but then I realized- the ridge was heavily forested. These lights were unobstructed. If it was a helicopter I would’ve heard it. They were passing over the trees. I do believe aliens exist, but I wasn’t just going to write this off as such. I watched longer, and one of the lights panned towards me. Like a spot light. A flashlight can’t reach the distance and illuminate as much as this light did. I looked down at my arm and saw the blue light shining on me, looked up and saw the glare of it dead on and broke into a sprint back to my tent. The light was casting on to an embankment just past our tent, like someone had spotted us with a-you guessed it- spotlight. I dove into the tent, my girlfriend still sleeping softly. The light was ON our tent now. I was starting to panic. I woke her up, my heavy breathing upsetting her. The light is passing through the mesh on our tent, faintly. I tell her there’s something across the ridge, and she gets up to look, and as soon as she sees them, they take their attention from us and start moving quickly across the ridge, yes, over the trees. She was 18 at the time, and very terrified. I told her to stay in the tent, grabbed my binoculars, ran up to a pile of rocks and gazed out. The lights just moved, softly, silently, over the ridge. I saw nothing but light with the binoculars, no objects, no people, but I could see the the trees beneath them being illuminated. They rounded the ridge and I never saw them again. I’ve heard other crazy stories about lights up further since, talking to hunters or people that live up at the couple towns/settlements past that point. I’ve seen things, but never that close. My girl and I still talk about it to this day, and it still gives us chills, it was honestly baffling. If anyone can give an explanation or similar experience, let us all know!

17. On my 12th birthday I was on the way to the bike shop to get a new bike, I was with my dad, his girlfriend and my brother. We was still about 10 minutes away from the town center, so no where near the bike shop.

Some random, old, creepy looking guy came up to us, looked down at me and said; “You buying a bike?” I looked at my dad, confused and kinda scared.

We told him that we were on our way to buy a bike. He then started going on about how I MUST get a helmet and wear it ALL the time! We were a little freaked out but we just assumed he was a weirdo and just forgot about it.

A few hours later I was riding through the park on my new bike and I fell off. I didn’t fall very hard and landed on grass so it was cool. As I went to get up brush myself off, I looked up and he was just standing there, looking disappointed and shaking his head. He shook his index finger at me and said; “I told you to wear a helmet.” At this point I just sh*t myself and rode as fast as I could home!

What is even weirder though is the fact that I have moved about 40-50 miles away since then and I still see him every once in a while. I don’t believe in guardian angels but it just creeps me out.

18. I lived in a rural area when I was around 12 years old, our neighbors were like 5 minutes driving away. And behind our 5 acres of land was all Crown land (not owned by anyone), as far as I know this land went on for miles. I loved going for long hikes, sometimes I’d go out with the family and we’d be gone for good 4/5 hour walks deep into the forest.

I went with my younger sister(8) and her friend one day in the fall. About 3-1/2 hour into the walk we get a little turned around, found a new trail and don’t recognize any of our usual trees. Sun is still up for a while so we keep going. Suddenly we hear a four wheeler. but its getting closer.

We encounter an older man, with 2 axes on his 4 wheeler and a vicious dog. He was very rude, and suspicious of us being there, told us we were on private property and had to leave now (he was almost yelling) and clutching an axe the whole time. We agreed and apologized and left. We heard him drive off the other way. we decide to run because he was creepy and we were hours away with no adults or ways to contact anyone. We take a alternative route to cut time down. So we’re no longer on that path.

Shortly after we hear the 4 wheeler close again, we freeze atop a little hill/mound and listen. 4wheeler guy comes into veiw on the trail we were on. He drives down and turns around a few times. I know he was looking for us. When he’s finally far enough away we book it. Made it back in about 2 hours. Terrified. I checked with mom/dad and no one owns land back there. He wasn’t any of our 5 neighbors. We weren’t allowed to go for hikes alone anymore and my sister’s friend was afraid of the woods after that. Realistically he was just some pot owner guarding his crop, which is equally as scary, because where i lived if you stumbled on a crop, people shot first and asked questions later.

19. I worked at a library for a very long time, and in an effort to not lose my soul, I collected stuff I found in books. My favorite discovery was a hilarious postcard between two friends. I immediately thought, “I’d like to met these people”. I kept it next to my computer for a few years.

After a few years passes, I’m going through my papers and find a postcard from my girlfriend that I don’t recognize. It takes me a few minutes to understand that I’m reading the postcard I’d put aside years earlier, between someone who was now my girlfriend and another person I’d come to know as a friend. It was probably the weirdest event in a series of events that defied probability regarding a ton of surreal linking events in our lives.

20. I lived in a Gulf country for a couple of years as my dad got a job there. Not gonna specify which one, but I can tell you the Gulf countries that rely on expats are all pretty similar. Anyways one day me and a couple of friends (4 of us guys) decided to drive up north to the desert and have ourselves a good day quadbiking, barbequing and swimming by the beach. We go there and do all that and stay pretty much all day until it becomes dark.

As we weren’t very keen on going home yet and had a pretty good campfire going, we did what any Teenagers would do and told a couple of creepy stories. One of our friends (who is a local) told us about this abandoned village nearby that’s apparently haunted. He told us some exaggerated story about some killings but we all knew he was making it up to try and scare us, don’t even remember the details. So we decide to drive to the village because we were all down for a little adventure and seeing as we were 4 pretty strong guys we didn’t really think anything could happen.

We get there and it’s pretty creepy to say the least. It’s a bunch of old structures and buildings that were partially destroyed. Their architecture was pretty outdated and some of the buildings were bigger than others. But none of them really had any windows or doors, just the holes where they were meant to be. So of course we decide to do a little exploring. We look around a couple of small houses, some abandoned stuff, nothing unusual.

Then we take a look at one of the bigger more isolated buildings. In front of it was a clothing line made from a simple piece of rope, which creeped us out, but not enough to make us turn around. We decide to go in and take a look. The house-like structure had several rooms and was pretty dark. We walk through pretty quietly and I take a look in one of the rooms and can only make out shapes. My friends are still walking around in the building while I stare at this shape on the ground. At first I thought it was just a bunch of blankets on a pile but then my friend called me “Yo, lets get going.”, as soon as he said it the shape moved and all I could see was a pair of eyes staring right at me. I jump back scared and the shapes quickly getting up, I start running and my friends are just looking at first until this guy comes out the room I was looking at screaming “What you are doing here?: in an Indian accent. We all start sprinting back to the car and I think he may still have chased us at first. Nothing really happened and I don’t really think he was out to hurt us but it was creepy.

As I later found out, some people who are trying to avoid punishments, or illegal immigrants (no idea how that happens though tbh), or are brewing alcohol or making other drugs often use these abandoned ‘Ghost towns’ as a base/their home seeing as no one really goes there.

21-25 Creepy Stories

Imaginary Friend

21.My little niece who is about 3 or so has conversations with an “imaginary friend”or ghost, as everyone else likes to call it. She is at the stage were she can form sentences, none to complex but sentences in general. Most of the time when she talks to the “ghost” it is random words jumbled into sentences, then she pauses as if listening to a response. (We like to make jokes that she is talking to her grandmother, my aunt, who unfortunately died in the same room, but they never got the chance to meet). Sometimes there are really clear sentences like: “I like blue” ….. “No blue is better than red” for example. When I was visiting them I was usually up late at night and would listen just in-case anything was wrong. So as per usual at 1 a.m. or so she was having here conversations and I opened my door, I accidentally let it slam. She paused in her sentence and said “No it is okay that is Rybus” (not my real name). This caught my attention, since she usually paid no attention to my noise, so I stopped and listened. She paused as if listening to the response as usual, then said “No that is your brother, Uncle Joe’s son it is ok.” She then went on with her normal talking until she went to sleep. I however had a little bit of trouble sleeping that night though!

22. So when I was around 4-5 I lived in Northern Ireland because my Dad was stationed there (I’m an army brat) and I vividly remember having a best friend called Lee. I would go to his house all the time, play with him and his brothers and have dinner with his family. I even remember the day I moved away – he came to my house with his parents and waved me away as we drove off.

When I turned 16 we were going through old photos for that most cliche tradition of a birthday photoboard and I asked my Mum why I was never in any photos with Lee. She looked extremely confused and said that she didn’t remember a Lee. After extensive googling and asking the rest of my family including my twin brother it turns out he didn’t exist. Neither did the area of the camp he lived in (thanks google maps).

BUT that isn’t the bad part. Around a month ago I got a friend request from someone called Lee Quigg. I instantly matched the name and face to my “imaginary friend” and freaked out. I accepted it and clicked on the link to his profile – It led to a 404 page. I searched my friends list and my recent activity but Lee’s name was nowhere to be seen.

23. Here’s my story from about a year ago. I went to visit a friend who lived about an hour from me. This is a friend I had met briefly in person and talked to mostly online, so this was my first trip driving to visit him.

I make it to his house with the aid of my GPS and we hang out for a couple hours until finally I have to go. It’s kind of late when I left his house (around 11) but I’m not tired, I actually remember noting that I felt surprisingly awake. I have the radio on to keep busy, and it starts cutting in and out like I have a bad signal. No problem, a different area means different stations, right? I try to adjust it, but all the channels are fuzzy and I have to focus on the GPS anyway so I shut it off.

The GPS tells me to stay on the road for 4 miles, and then turn left on Jackson Avenue. Okay, I do, it’s the first left so it’s not hard to find. But then my GPS freezes and my radio turns itself back on so I pull over and. I look down at my GPS and back up, and I was on a dark street, with no houses, just trees on either side as far down as I can see. A couple streetlights, but it’s still dark and I get nervous, so I look down at my GPS and it’s unfrozen, but telling me I missed my turn two streets ago. There weren’t two other streets so, confused, I look at the street sign and yeah, I’m on Jackson.

I should warn you I regularly fall victim to the Pareidolia Effect while I’m driving alone, and it happened then. I saw movement in the corner of my vision, and I turn my attention ahead to see what looks like a man running toward me. Where did he come from? But as I’m starting to debate if I should lock my doors or just floor it in reverse, I blink and he’s gone. I squint and look closer, but it turns out what I thought was a running person was a drooping tree branch waving in the wind.

My old GPS finally recalculates and tells me….I’m on the correct road, keep driving straight. Okay, I brush it off and put my car in drive, but then I realize the GPS says I’m on Madison Street. No, I think, I’m on Jackson. I look up at the street sign to double-check, but the sign that said Jackson Ave now says Madison Street. Thoroughly weirded out, I look back at the GPS and notice that Jackson Ave is another two miles down the first street I had been on and turned off of. I’m more than a little creeped out, but I just shake it off and follow its directions. The radio clicks on again when I pass the tree that looked like a man, but I just turn it back on and keep driving.

I made it home fine and with no more occurrences, but it still was really weird and any time I’ve gone to visit my friend I’ve taken a completely different way home just in case.

24. I feel a little weird writing this because I don’t think past life experiences are “creepy”…but probably because i was the creepiest kid on earth. From the time I could speak (early- i was reading books when i was three and was born fighting to communicate) to the time I was about six, I talked about things that I couldn’t possibly know about or have experienced. The earliest was when I was about 2. I would wake up the entire household several times a week screaming “I AM BURNING! MY LEGS ARE ON FIRE! WHY AREN’T YOU HELPING ME? WHY WONT YOU HELP ME?” my mom would come into my room and I would be bolt upright in bed, arms waving and legs frozen, eyes wide and obviously hysterical. There was nothing she could do to wake me up, but after a few minutes I’d curl up again peacefully. When I was about four, in my mom’s walk in closet, I picked up an antique dress she had just purchased. She wasn’t facing me, but she heard me ask, “Mommy…do you remember when I wore this dress?” She laughed and began to correct me (it’s only been in the house a few days and it’s special, there’s no way…) before she turned around and realized that, once again, at this time old hat, I was completely entranced. I said, “No, mommy. I wore this when I sang in Spain, in the choir. You remember, you were there. You were in the fourth row with [your friend].” This was the most typical kind of thing. By the time it started to fade out in kindergarten/first grade, it was less freaky, but still weird, i.e. my mom asking me what I had learned in Kindergarten and me explaining to her how many tonal languages there are and how they are different from one another- I am not of any race related to tonal languages and have no idea what I could have said to her- but apparently she looked it up and I was spot on. I remember none of this. Love, the freaky kid.

25. I come from a small coastal town and it was very common for people to enlist on ships, both my grandfathers, and my father did it, and a whole lot of other men did and do as well. One of my grandmother’s friends was a local fisherman, he used to fish the fjords and whatnot with his boat. He used a trawling net connected to a winch to do it. Caught quite a lot.

Well, one day he was out doing his usual route, the boat suddenly stopped going forwards, despite the engine still running. He thought that was odd, given how well he knows the area, but he figured he might have caught his net on some rocks or something, that he somehow didn’t know was there after fishing there for a long time.

He tried increasing the power, hoping to dislodge whatever held him in place, but that didn’t work. He noticed that not only was he not going forwards, he was in point of fact going backwards, and picking up speed.

So something was dragging his boat backwards faster than he could move forwards. He thought is there a submarine under me or what is this? He’s a very levelheaded guy you see, doesn’t panic easily. He tried to pull in his nets, but the nets didn’t go up, his boat started to go down. At that point he really started to freak out, and cut the nets, and set course for home. Before he got far, a gigantic basking shark surfaced right next to the boat. He knew they’re not dangerous to humans normally, but well, by the time he got back to town he was visibly shaking with fear.

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