AskReaders: What is the creepiest thing that has happened to you? – Part 3

March 13, 2016
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  1. Leotie says:

    I moved into this building in 2004. It is an old hotel/historical building. About a month after I moved in, I was in the lobby talking to some of the people, and noticed a man in a black suit with a black tie and a dress hat leaning up against the counter. I just looked at him, then he turned around and walked through the door beside the water cooler, and when I say walked through the door, he did it without opening it.

    Then a couple of nights later, there was a man that walked up the steps that lead down to the street. He was dressed similar to the man in black. When he got to the lobby, he just vanished. We have a black cat that walks through walls. There is part of an unfinished basement in the building that when the lights are on, it is a very dead, scary place to go into.

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