Few days ago we asked our readers this open question and we got a lot of interesting responses. Here they are.

1-5 Creepiest Reader Stories

White Van

1. One time when I was about 14, I was home alone. I am a gaming nerd, so I was not paying that much attention to what was happening around me. It just so happened that the curtain next to my TV was open just enough to where I could see a white truck pull in. I live in the middle of nowhere in southeastern Ohio, so it isn’t common for someone to come to your house without you knowing. None of the people I know had a white truck. I got up and started to get out of my room, but staying below the windows to make sure no one could see me. I made my way to the kitchen and grabbed a knife and called my step-dad. He has a concealed carry license, so I figured he would have his gun with him. After he got to the house the truck was still parked in the driveway, so we waited in the house until they came back. My step-dad had his hand on his handgun ready to draw, but when they saw that someone was there they drove off. We never heard anything or saw that white truck again. – Posted by Anonymous.

2. Once when I was about 7 years old, I was taking a nap. Most of my family were in the front yard since it was a warm summer day so I was home alone inside. When I woke up I looked at my door that was open and saw an old lady carrying a baby. I got up peacefully to check which of my aunts it was, but when I got to the door and looked down the hall there was no one there. I was not scared but when my mom got home I questioned her about it and she told me with the most sincere smile, “that is your great grandmother and she is carrying your late baby cousin. Don’t worry she is just taking care of you”. Amazingly enough I was fine with that answer and just went back to minding my business. – Posted by Luis Rodriguez.

3. My house is notoriously haunted, known by my family and anyone who’s stayed the night. The exact history behind the house is…not clear. Let’s just say that the town wasn’t here before the house was, and many people have stayed, and left.  The first night that we lived there, the house stank of death. It wasn’t like that when we had been there any time before, viewing the house. Two days later, we found hundreds of dead rats in the walls. Seriously. Exterminators couldn’t figure out why they were there, or anything.  When I was a kid, about 8-10, I always saw an old man in my doorway. He was benevolent, and just said things like “Don’t give your mom trouble” and “Nothing will bother you tonight”. He stopped showing up a number of years ago. Everyone who spent the night on the couch, would wake up staring at the base of the stairs. Some saw a dark man, some just saw a dark shadow blob thing. What everyone agreed upon, was that it was bad. My aunt had it whisper to her “I will kill you, Stacey.” This always occurred, whether we told the guest or not. Our huge mistake was when I was 15 and my sister was 16. We decided to have some friends over and use a oiuja board. After a long series of questions with nothing happening, I, out of frustration, asked “what’s your favorite food?” We all smelled grapes. Then, the floor started vibrating. We ran upstairs, and tried to sleep. The events afterwards happened to mostly me. I would be sitting on my bed after school, reading. A voice from behind me said “get up” real softly. As I had usually done over the years, I said sternly, “No.” and didn’t act scared. Then, my bed started shaking violently and a voiced ripped through the house, yelling “NOOO! NOOO!”. My mom heard it downstairs and ran up, and we were both pretty freaked out.  I was making a sandwich after school, and a whisper in my ear said “turn around”. I didn’t.  We burned the oiuja board, and things died down. Just the usual slammed doors, cupboards, crashing pans and pots. Shoes tying together. You know. Normal stuff. – Posted by Liam

4. Staying with family to support my Dad through chemo. So as you can guess I’m up late with my thoughts, processing possible outcomes when I went for a smoke. I’m on a second story balcony in light consistent rain really wondering why I’m out there, then I saw him. This person, hoodie, dark pants just walking. Really slow. I’m thinking, its fu*king raining (I’m now soaked) why the fu*k is he walking so slow? Hmm weird *mental note 3:13 am. So I layer down and got an hour or two semi sleep before the alarm went off. 6:30am yay. Jumped in my car and went to get a coffee and on the way back I passed the same guy walking on the street. He just stared at me with the biggest smile on his face then waved at me in a good morning cheerful manner, still just walking with the same nonchalant gait. Turned out he went on to strangle some lady just after I first saw him and just wandered of like “OK what’s next for today” that smile he gave me and the look of calmness in his eyes as he waved makes me just realize you truely will never know what’s going on in a strangers head and how a smile can portray pure evil and be used as bait. Fu*k that guy.- Posted by Anon

5. Ok so first off a few things I must include; to R. Rosby (troll who scans these stories to point out what he believes to be false in some way). This is absolutely true and not copied or borrowed from another site or persons story, I NEVER believed in things like ghosts, poltergeists, or any thing remotely related to. Ok that being said I am 37 years old and until I was 35 lived a relatively normal life, I’ve been a paraplegic for ONE YEAR AND NINE MONTHS so needless to say it’s still new…ish. I do however live alone and up until a few months ago things were “normal” that’s when my roommate moved out and this happened. I was laying in bed where I have a view straight down my hallway. Due to being in constant pain I don’t sleep for longer than a couple hours at a time, I woke up at about 3 a.m. to see a dark figure walking in the hallway toward my room, I was a tall guy and a gym rat so even in bed I’m not exactly small but again PARALYZED, all I could do was lay there and watch this tall slim figure walking straight to my room where he stopped looked in at me turned and LITERALLY DISAPPEARED down the hallway!! I know how it sounds ok I really do but this was the first of this happening somewhat regularly! I have come to look for and even feel expectant of my “friend” checking in on me as I feel that that is all he is doing. I haven’t given him a name as he hasn’t hinted toward one, actually he has done nothing aside from what I’ve described so I have no idea what’s really going on. So that’s my story, 100% true and yes I know completely unbelievable. Please excuse any spelling,verbiage, and/or punctuation errors.- Posted by Tony

6-10 Creepiest Reader Stories

Empty Crib

6. A few years back, I woke up in the middle of the night. We had a 2-month newborn sleeping in the room next door. I had a video monitor on my bedside table, so that my wife and I could easily check on him. So, I clicked the button that turns on the video image, and what I saw scared me like nothing ever before. My baby boy was gone. Now, I know that instincts should have made me run right into the baby’s room. Instead, I froze. I looked over, and my wife was sleeping next to me. Finally, I moved. But not to run into the other room, like I should have done. Instead, I turned up the volume on the baby monitor. I heard another woman’s voice singing a lullaby. I’m not kidding. Another woman was singing to my baby in a very soft, gentle and melodic voice. I don’t remember what song it was, something like “Go to sleep, little baby”. Finally, my freeze broke. I jumped up, ran through the hallway and burst into my boy’s room. He was sound asleep in his crib. No woman. No singing. Turns out, the monitor was picking up my next-door neighbors’ monitor. They had just bought the video monitor for their own newborn (on our recommendation). Nothing supernatural here, but I don’t know if I’ve ever experienced something scarier. Posted by Woolby

7. This happened to my father a while ago. Some people were building something next to the graveyard, and to separate each other, there were some trailers that the engineers lived in. One night my dad and three of his friends, who were 13-14 at the time, decided to go into one of the trailers. It was 1 meter up, so they jumped up into it. They found a small kitchen and a bathroom inside it. They peed in the bathroom just for fun. Then my dad went into the kitchen, he looked around for something other than the desk inside and found a bag. When he opened it, he said it smelled terrible, so he put it on the desk and searched again. While searching he found the bag up…again. He looked at the desk and the bag was gone. He and his friends ran out screaming after that. I am certain that there was a ghost there, since he told me he was alone in the kitchen. – Posted by A.H.

8. Walking home from 7-11 in San Diego, guy parks across street and starts walking behind me asking me incoherent questions, I apologize – I’m new here, keep walking. Guy slaps beer out of my hands, puts one arm under my right armpit uses the right boob as a kind of handle and the other between my legs and gropes the lady zone and starts dragging me into bushes. I’m awkward and shocked so I start forcefully scolding him ‘Sir, no, no, sir, nooo.’ Not loudly enough until I realize he’s successfully kidnapping me and likely for nefarious purposes. I yell louder ‘NO!’ Thankfully an off duty cop was jogging and came running at the guy who dropped me, grabbed my purse, ran, then dropped it and kept running. They found him a few months later, I testified and he went to federal prison. I think he’s out as of last year. Posted by Lynda.

9. Didn’t happen to me, but a few stories from where I work.

I work in a medium sized city hotel, for some reason we seem to attract the weirdos. First story happened to the late duty manager as she was doing her nightly walk around before handing over to the night porter (about 2300). As she’s walking around checking all the doors that should be closed/locked are, she finds the door to one of the function rooms is unlocked, she walks into the room, the lights are off and as its dark out she flicks on the light to check the area. Stood in the middle of the room, in the pitch dark is an older woman, slightly disheveled and crazy hair (Think bag lady) just staring at her. Now this woman has obviously come into the hotel much earlier in the day, or she would have been noticed as she walked past reception and down the hall to the function room, turned out she’d been stood in there in the dark for a good few hours. DM tells her to leave, she just stares daggers at her and walks out without saying a word.

The second story happened to the night Porter at the same hotel. Following a report that something had gone missing from the staff room one night, we reviewed the cctv tapes the next day. It turned out that some bloke had managed to get in through an unsecured delivery entrance downstairs and nicked some belongings from the staff room one night, the creepy thing is, having done this, instead of leaving the way he came, he went upstairs, through the kitchen and into the bar.

Now the bar is separated from reception (where the NP spends most of his shift) by a curtain, the intruder then proceeds to spend a good 4 hours just peering through a gap in the curtain at the porter, when the night porter comes into the bar area to set up for breakfast, this bloke just ducks behind the bar and continues to stare at him. Eventually as the sun comes up and the NP goes to the toilet (or wherever) the guy just walks out the front door.

Even just watching the tapes creeped me out. You could see the NP felt uncomfortable just by the way he looked around all night. After we showed him the tapes he said he had felt uneasy that night, but didn’t know why. We never caught the creepy thief, the creepy lady however does make an appearance every now and again, generally trying some odd stuff, but most of the time we catch her before she manages to scare anyone else half to death. – Posted by Serotonin Monkey

10. I used to have a recurring nightmare when I was little that there were a bunch of police and ambulance at the end of my street because there was a psycho killer on the loose, and he had attacked people at the end of my street. Every time I had this dream, he would be closer and closer to my house. The last time I had it I was around 13ish and I “woke” (but was still asleep) to see a crazy man in a scary clown mask standing over my bed, and he darted into my little sister’s room. Then I heard her scream and jolted awake, to find she actually WAS screaming in real life. I ran into her room and she was wide awake sobbing in bed saying she had a nightmare that a man in a scary clown mask came in her room and started stabbing her. I never had the dream again after that. 20 years later and it still freaks me out to think about. – Posted by Anon

11-15 Creepiest Reader Stories

Friendly Ghost

11. I was 13 at the time and trying to go to sleep at a reasonable hour as it was a school night and trying to get my full 8 hours, and it was what all the cool kids were doing. However, as the night dug on, it was impossible for me to relax; I felt so anxious and I was wide awake for hours. My room was very dark, but I resolved that if I closed my eyes and turned on my side maybe I could calm down.

The instant I shut my eyes I felt someone touching my arm, brushing my hair, and stroking the side of my face. It was the most real thing I had ever felt, I could feel the soft, warm pads of someone’s fingertips moving across my arm, I could hear my hair rustling and moving as I felt my hair being stroked. I was terrified–I couldn’t bring myself to move, more than my legs to confirm. No, this was not sleep paralysis. Despite everything potentially awful about this situation I lost the sense of fear I had originally, and more than anything else it was comforting. I think this mysterious but very real sensation of someone stroking my face went on for more than half an hour until I built up the courage to turn around and look for the source of this strange happenstance. I really, truly expected to look around and not see anything but instead my eyes focused immediately on a person leaning over my bed. I saw a dark outline of a man standing on the side, I felt we locked eyes but everything so so dark but we looked at each other for several minutes, and became very distraught and sad for reasons I could not explain. Then he was gone. I was barely breathing out of terror, but throughout the entire time a sense of calm had permeated into the room. I sat up and pulled myself out of the bed and into the hallway. I needed to go see my parents to tell them, even though I had no idea what I would say or what even happened.

Suddenly a great commotion came out of my parents bedroom–the lights were all on, my mother is screaming and my father is yelling and I hear shuffling in their room. I run down the hallway thinking there are intruders in the house, and what I saw in my room is somehow connected. I fling the door open and see a strange picture of absolute chaos although absolutely nothing had changed. There were no ax murderers, no tornado, but my parents were a wreck. I soon gather that my parents had received the phone call that my older brother had died unexpectedly only a little while earlier.

I never believed in the paranormal and still don’t; however, I would like to think our sibling wavelengths were always so in tune my brain kind of freaked out a little when it lost that connection. Other very strange stuff happened after that I can only guess was something along the line of my brain being out of tune for a bit. Whatever it was, it still kind of freaks me out every now and then to remember how real it seemed. – Posted by Edie

12. I was really, really young (like, five or six) so my recall is a bit fuzzy. But I was on vacation with my parents in Massachusetts (we were living in upstate New York at the time) and we wound up going to some sort of street fair. I remember eating a candy apple, pestering my dad about getting some sort of stuffed animal, and stopping by a friend of my parent’s apartment for a bit. That’s not the creepy part.

When we left to go back to where we were staying, we got on some sort of bus (I’m pretty sure — regardless, it was some kind of public transportation). I had a window seat and was looking outside when I saw, walking past, a kid who looked just like me down to the haircut and everything. I lowered the window a little bit (just a crack) and shouted “HEY!” The kid stopped and looked up at me and immediately got this shocked and surprised look on his face, confirming to me that he, too, saw the uncanny resemblance. At that moment, though, the bus pulled away and I never saw him again.

Thing is, I’m adopted. I often wonder whether I spotted some sort of long-lost brother or something that night, but I don’t think I’ll ever know. – Posted by N. Art

13. About 10 years back, I was living in a university town, waiting for the bus downtown. A younger guy came up next to me and we started chatting idly. Suddenly, he put his hand on my shoulder. “Hey,” he said earnestly. “Hey. Do you work for the government?” Everything shifted. He looked completely like an average college student. Just another guy on the street. But then I looked closely into his eyes and something was just… off.

I laughed nervously. “Well, indirectly! I mean, I work for the university!” He nodded with total conviction. “That’s true. That’s absolutely true.” He grabbed my shoulder tighter. “You should work for the government.” I slapped him on his shoulder, in a friendly gesture that incidentally got his hand off mine. “Dang!” I said. “I think I’m actually waiting for the wrong bus, I’m going to head off. Bye!” I got all the way across the street before he shouted. “HEY!” He was waving both hands over his head like he was sending me off on an ocean liner in a newsreel. “YOU’VE GOT A BRIGHT FUTURE AHEAD OF YOU! I CAN TELL!” Even my encounters with crazies are positive and affirming. – Posted by MK

14. I’d been living alone for less than a week. I got some Chinese take-out and was eating in front of the TV. I finished my meal and cracked open the fortune cookie. It read “You will have a visitor tonight, lock your door.” There were no visitors that night, but the memory still haunts me. – Posted by Klaus

15. My brother and I backpacked off the trail (we realize how dangerous this is) deep through the mountains in North Carolina and found this gnarly cave. We decided to use it as shelter for the night and while we were making it feel like home, we heard this bell off in the distance. We were extremely weirded out considering how far off the trail we were and we haven’t seen another soul in hours. We began yelling to see if anyone or anything would reply. It began getting closer and thats when wielded our weapons. Finally, out of the fog, running at full speed towards us, is a soaking wet dog with a harness around his chest. He runs right past us as if he were late to work. He kept running up the mountain full speed and we never saw him again. – Posted by Trent

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