AskReaders: What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve bullshi**ed someone into believing?

January 2, 2016
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  1. Stijepan Prodanovic says:

    One day a friend i have not seen a long time told me, how great his new bmw is, that is has 260hp and so on. I could convince him, that my “whip” is an italian brand (iveco) has a 13l engine, 510hp and 27″ rims. I didn’t mention it was actually a truck. His only wish so far is to take this, what he calls a mad machine, for a testride.

  2. Emperor of Mankind says:

    I told my family Stadium spelled backwards is Russian Federation in French

  3. Nikki D says:

    One time in high school this girl wrote “I heart Antelopes” in big bolded sharpie letters on her binder just for laughs until she told me that she actually didn’t know what an antelope was. I put on my best concerned look and told her that it was another word for a prostitute and she started to freak out and tried to erase the sharpie as fast as possible, ultimately failing. She came to school the next day with a new binder.

  4. Piet says:

    What’s up b*tches. I was in a bar fight last night… and it felt good. I’m always apprehensive and mild mannered when you meet me. I don’t like soppy a**-munching, cockblogging. The interwebs, in general, is white noise for most bored f**k sticks. For me at least. If you’ve got nothing interesting to say. Shut the fk up. Ah yes. The meat and bones question. Me against seven. My mind was clear. There were no problems. I would like to contribute to what ever this site was meant to be, not just in written word. Am I drunk? That’s not the point. I have one new years resolution. No more Bulls**t. No more lying to myself. I digress. Have a kickass new year… I know what this above Bulls**t must sound like when you say it out loud. I’m sure you hoes will humour me.

  5. aaron says:

    About 16 years ago I convinced a pretty 23 year old woman to marry me. Still married, 2 kids, jokes on her…she probably coulda did better.

    1. Louis says:

      You are the greatest… 🙂 God Bless

  6. Bill says:

    #17; my friend and I did the same thing in high school except we said we were identical twins. I’m white. He’s black and 8 inches taller than me and has a completely different last name.

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