AskUs: Craziest WW2 Story? (Submarine that sunk a train)

May 26, 2016
Comments (2)
  1. Bob says:

    That, was, awesome!

  2. Louis says:

    Great Story

    For a moment I tough that you will be talking something like the movie (Comedy) “Operation Petticoat” with Cary Grant…LOL.

    I am glad it was a real account.

    But Shouldn’t be “The Crew of a submarine that blow-up a train” instead of “The submarine that managed to sink a train”???

    If you watch the movie mention before, it shows a submarine destroying a truck with a torpedo (of course a movie/comedy fake shot), but your account describe a Commando Raid of which were several during WWII (Commandos transported and put a shore to sabotage military installations by submarines) The submarine did not open fire with torpedoes or secondary armament, it was an improvise Commando Raid by their Brave Crew… May be the title need rewording (Remember the train Blow-up, Didn’t sink)

    But a great story of bravery, Thank you.

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