AskUs: How prevalent was Homelessness/Poverty in the Soviet Union?

June 2, 2016
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  1. Valentina says:

    I always wonder how you manange to turn positive aspects of the soviet union (employment and housing protection) into something negative, especially in a way which has nothing to do with the initial question. Despite many negative sides of the soviet union, how come you to critize something which is craved by many people in the world? Look how high poverty is in the US. For a Western Economy, it is huge. In almost all social matters the US is not doing well at all: education, health, child mortality.
    Every statistic can be massaged and it is. So, the US is not using the OECD threshold of 60% of the median income to define proverty. They use a measure which generates “nicer” values. Or they even try to justify that in principle it’s your own fault if you didn’t make. Sorry, this is a very biased view of you. And of course my view is also biased, but at least you can acknlowledge that if you try to educate people.

    1. Russell says:

      Communism was a great idea and did help some countries such as Cuba. The problem was power. Since former communist countries had dictators, it meant that eventually things started going south when the rulers had been in power too long.
      The problem was not the economy of communism, but the form of government.
      Another thing is that hard working people in communist factories and such were not pleased with getting paid the same as slackers or substance abusers. But you could not complain.
      And don’t compare the US to international standards. They would still use lead paint if they could.

      1. Ej S says:

        You say the problem with communism is not the economy but the government….however most economists would disagree with that. Communism is not based on supply and demand therefore you end up with huge shortages for nearly everything. To say there is no “economic” problem with communism is 100% not accurate.

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