AskUs: Some interesting facts about wine that you haven’t discussed before?

June 2, 2016
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  1. akka69 says:

    Concerning the “terroir” notion, it has nothing to do with magic but rather in a combination of local climate , soil composition and local environment.

    Tiny amounts of natural chemicals in the soil, specific to a particular place will give a unique signature to the taste. Local environment will act the same depending on the aromatic compounds produced by the surrounding flora.

    This works for wine, cheese, meat and anything produced from ground. For instance, teh same cheese from the same species of cows produced on mountains, have d distinctly different taster than the one made in plains.

    All this acts like a local “accent” for tastes.
    The art of proper usin of “terroir” in wine making is finding a place where the “accent” is worth being included in the final product.

  2. Darcy says:

    I’m going to throw b#llshit back at this guy. for someone who bashes the Somm education with the main basis of they know nothing, he obviously doesn’t know everything about the Somm education… hypocrite. I have a level 2 Somm certification. and I took 12 courses to get the certification and an entire course was on the process of vinification. from grape to glass as it was said. so I, a Somm, was taught how wine is made.

  3. John says:

    I have work in high end restaurants for 15 years, taking small courses on wine here and there over the years. I was taught the vinification and general wine making process over and over again, and these where not somm certification courses.
    I have works with many sommelier in my life and they where ALL passionate about wine, so naturally they visited a ton of vineyards and all knew perfectly well how the wine was made.
    I find this article unsettling and very bias.

    (sorry for the mistakes, not my first language)

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