AskUs: What made China and India the most populated countries in the world?

September 15, 2016
Comments (2)
  1. Paul says:

    f**king… lots and lots of f**king.

  2. jo archer says:

    I disagree. Yes they had decent food sources but this should not be looked at in pure numbers as ‘China’ and ‘India’ are huge. Yes they have large populations but also they have a lot of space and so you should be looking at population density. While Macau (in China) is the most densely populated ‘country’ (though not really independent in any way) China itself is actually the 84th most densely populated country. India makes a more respectable 8th place. Neither are the most populated countries when factoring in their size, and that is what is important because proportionality is key when discussing population density, otherwise all you are saying is that that they are big countries and therefore have lots of people.

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