CARL UNTHAN – The Armless Fiddler

September 20, 2006
Comments (7)
  1. Anonymous says:

    “Unthan’s ability with music soon took president”

    I believe you mean precedent.

    Great site, by the way, I’ve really enjoyed reading all this stuff.

  2. Clara!! says:

    Actually, I believe it’s “precedence”. 🙂

    And yes, I have to say that this is a really interesting site. Thanks for all the info!

  3. Eric says:

    Film footage of Unthan has been discovered in (of all places) an early fictionalized account of the Titanic sinking.

  4. J Tithonus Pednaud says:

    I’ve heard of this and have yet to track it down.

  5. isabella says:

    how beautiful that his dad encouraged him 2 use his feet.Thanks 4 the wonderful real life story.

  6. Jack says:

    My bro can pick up cups of tea with his feet. BEAT THAT!

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