30 Interesting Facts About Castle

January 9, 2018
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  1. mike buttle says:

    I have always wondered why they built Windsor castle on the Heathrow airport flight path.

  2. Valannin says:

    #16 – there is no such place as “the American Continent”. Geographically, The Dominican Republic sits between the Caribbean plate and the North American Plate, and would be considered part of the North American Continent.

    Nor is it “Medieval” as the Medieval period was over by the 15th Century. Nor is it technically a castle, as it was never a residence, but a fortification used to defend the Port of Santo Domingo.

    1. huehuehue says:

      f**k that sh*t up, Valannin! noice

    2. Laurence Almand says:

      Valannin – Interesting notes. You obviously know your history and geography. And yes, many “castles” are actually fortresses – there is a difference. I think Hearst Castle at San Simeon is the only structure in North American that can technically be called a “castle,” although there are many mansions of equal size, such as Biltmore.

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