25 Interesting Facts About Cold War

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  1. Prettygirl0125 says:

    Number 5 is so funny and it’s awesome

    1. cool i love learning about the cold war and the subjects in school

  2. Breland says:

    Yeah i personaly think the cold war is the bloodiest war in human history. over 12 million russian/cubans died. my history teacher really taught us good since i got a 99 on the test. USA USA USA USA USA
    P.S. US only had one casualty and it was a person flying a b-2 spy plane

    USA USA USA USA ♪♪→↑

    1. Ygor says:

      What? You are insane.

    2. chickennugget says:

      in actuality it was a lot more then that, many gliders crashed into the mountains trying to destroy a Russian refinery.

  3. Love to learn about myself <3

    1. theREALkhrushchev says:

      Wow. I really would have expected Nikita Khrushchev to spell his own name right 🙂

  4. bentley says:

    8 is hilarious

  5. M.M. says:

    lol num five and eight is very funny

  6. bubba7204grace says:

    this is so insane and dam I hope that we do not have another cold war

  7. Jeff says:

    Why are we kicking donkeys?

    1. Dopemuh says:


  8. seth_bestboy23 says:

    love website

  9. Harold says:

    Number 10 is not true and has been disproven by many many experts. The source book does not provide enough evidence to prove the poisoning was committed by the CIA.

  10. John Locke says:

    Number 10 is not true. It was ergot poisoning from rye bread cut into the normal bread mixture. Please stop spreading conspiracy theories. It’s also telling that your “reference” is boingboing.net, not a reputable source.

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