25 Interesting Facts About Eggs

February 11, 2021
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  1. Can you tell me how you know if an egg is fresh?

    1. Dana says:

      put it in water! you’ll be surprised at the egg citing results.

      1. Egdar says:

        touche with the pun

    2. Dana says:

      put it in water! you’ll be surprised at the egg eggciting results.

  2. josh brown says:

    just eat it and see if you die

  3. MR FA g says:

    I don’t know why eggs are real i’m a vegan and they should be illegal

  4. Yang says:

    Interesting egg facts! I’m surprised with how the likelihood of getting salmonella is extremely small. This is one great fact for bakers, like me, who steal a spoon of raw cookie dough while making several cookie batches. Another egg fact, hard boiled eggs are low on carbohydrates, low in bad cholesterol, and they contain a lot of proteins and healthy fats. This sounds good, especially for those looking for a keto-diet friendly snack/meal. Another fact, hard boiled egg diets exist.

  5. Kit says:

    Im not surprised that China is faking eggs, from what I know they’ve been faking rice as well. It makes me sick that they can produce something hazardous and dangerous for their countrymen. Thank you for these facts, I will review them one by one today. Ive been eating eggs everyday as part of my military diet.

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