When you look through bustling slots lists at online casinos, it’s striking how many different themes and genres are on offer. However, there are certain categories that are more popular than others. Slots based on ancient Egypt are abundant, and more are added every year. This stems from the widespread interest in Egyptian culture and history across other areas of entertainment, and academics.

You may have noticed this, but did you know the main reason why ancient Egypt is so popular? There are some cool facts about this, and the fascination dates back to the 19th Century.

Egypt Could be Most Common Theme in Online Slots Market

You won’t have to scroll for long at an online casino to find slots based on ancient Egypt. Some of the top online slots for fun include Shrine of Anubis Gold Hit and Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead, which both use an Egyptian theme. The latter is among the most successful slot games ever made and is often used in conjunction with bonuses and promotions because of its popularity.

Because these games are sure-fire hits with players, developers often replicate them and make games with similar themes. There are games based on other periods of ancient history as well, with many Greek-themed games. However, it’s hard to top the sheer abundance of Egypt-inspired offerings.

The slots market may have become inundated with Egyptian themes thanks to the success of these top games. In the early days, though, developers will have been inspired to make games about the era because it’s also prevalent in other areas of entertainment. There have been various blockbuster films about the period, which date back to the early days of cinema. One of the best-known franchises is The Mummy, which was recently rebooted for a second time in 2017 with Tom Cruise in the starring role.

Fascination of Egypt Stems from Egyptomania

You may think that the fascination of ancient Egypt in the slots market stems from the era’s popularity in the rest of entertainment. That is true, to an extent. However, people’s obsession with the pyramids and pharaohs can be traced back much further. Indeed, it all stems from Egyptomania, which spread throughout the USA in the 19th Century.

Egyptomania occurred during Napoleon’s Egyptian Campaign, which lasted for three years between 1798 and 1801. His mission was a failure as he was defeated at the Battle of the Nile. However, the expedition was successful from a scientific standpoint because it led to the discovery of the Rosetta Stone. This led to the creation of Egyptology, and a widespread spark of interest in ancient Egypt in the west.

During this time, there were plenty of new scientific discoveries about the civilization from thousands of years ago. This led to an influx of books, art, and film about the period and helped more people in the west to discover its mystery.

It feels like the study of ancient Egypt has always been around. However, now you know that it stemmed from a huge boom in the 19th Century. This set the wheels in motion for Egypt to become one of the most prominent themes in the entertainment industry. It’s also why there are so many Egyptian slot games in 2023.

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Last Update: September 6, 2023