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July 3, 2006
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  1. Ashley says:

    Kind of sad that they would put glue on the children, but this article is fantastically informative and Barnum was brill. Thank you!

  2. Cathy says:

    Thanks! This is the first site I’ve found that explains the Adolph/Rudolph gaffe in detail, I’d seen many pictures and wondered how on earth they’d managed it.

  3. Margarite Clark was actually not a woman but the half&half Billy Lodgeson who wore a prosthetic with a doll hanging from the front of it. “She” always appeared with her head covered to hide the fact that it was Lodgeson. There’s at least one photo floating around of a 2-in-1 (if one can call the show such) featuring Lodgeson and – billed as though a “separate” performer – “Margurete” Clark (yet another spelling). Obviously, Lodgeson couldn’t do a quick switch and then afford be recognized by the audience as the same performer with a suddenly attached (or, alternately, missing) parasitic twin. And ain’t it funny how some of the most iconic sideshow images are of gaffed acts? Gotta love the biz.

  4. J Tithonus Pednaud says:

    James, you are absolutely correct in regards to THE original Margarite Clark. But I have seen the name used on a few other occasions without the involvement of Lodgeson. Imitations of an imitation. Funny business indeed.

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