Game of Throne Theories – Who has Targaryen blood

October 6, 2015
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  1. akka69 says:

    You should put an end to this “Game of Thrones” series with this episode.
    This interests only few fans…with until a certain dose;

    It’s becoming really boring.
    Enough is enough.

  2. GJ says:

    You should keep this game of thones series going with more episodes. This interests many fans.

    It’s becoming really interesting now.
    This isn’t enough.

  3. FromAK says:

    Actually, as someone who read the books years ago, i enjoy getting caught up again on what is going on in the books. Especially for when the next book comes out. I find reading these articles entertaining. If you dont like these articles or find them boring, you could simply quit reading them and devote your time to something else. If it was boring and didnt get any views they wouldnt keep writing them.

    1. akka69 says:

      The main attraction to “kickassfacts” is that’s about ACTUAL facts, in the REAL world.

      Speculating about fictional “facts” kills the main point of this site….

      I’m sure there are plenty genuine “kickassfacts” about the author, how he sourced some inspiration in actual middle-age history, the tv series trivia etc. to fuel a whole series that would please any fan.

      As you state it, I could skip these articles, but I feel as if my daily dose of fresh, real, “Kickassfacts” is seriously amputated.

      1. FromAK says:

        Sounds like you just like to look for problems and complain about them. You complained about the whole series of articles, not just about the single one about theories. Every other article contains facts about the story. The site isnt called kickass real life facts that make akka69 happy. Its kickass facts, which is any fact that might interest the readers. And based on the other comments, you seem to be the only one that doesnt like these articles. Get over yourself and come down from your imaginary throne.

  4. Zayvion says:

    I haven’t seen he series or read the books but i really enjoy these articles

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