Ten Facts About Garden Bugs

June 14, 2019
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  1. Neal Smith says:

    I’m sorry to say “Stonie” but each of your so-called articles are unreadable and uninteresting. These are high school presentation grade texts, not the level the readers on this site are used to. Read some old articles and try to upgrade your writing to match them.

    1. Stonie Williams says:

      I appreciate your critique, “Neal”. I took your advice and ran my articles against other articles on this very website and all of mine fall within similar difficulty, age, and reading grade levels. This one was kept simplistic on purpose, while my TTRPG post actually scores much higher than most on the website and is scored as upper highschool to college level reading, “Neal”. Perhaps its the content you don’t find interesting? That’s unfortunate, as I’m trying to vary my content widely to appeal to a multitude of readers, similar to the way I move the ease of readability around to also appeal to a larger range of readers. Not everyone reads comfortably at same level, “Neal”. But keep reading and maybe you’ll find someone you jive with a little better! And keep those critics coming, “Neal”! Always nice for fans to spend their time and energy to let me know how well I’m doing!

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