Frequently people think they want a certain dog breed and then do not follow up that idea by looking into the pros and cons of the breed. When you decide to get a dog do your research. At the moment you think you want a Golden Retriever. But do you really want all the responsibilities? Here are five alternative breeds to a Golden Retriever.

1. Great Dane

On average a Golden Retriever needs at least an hour of exercise a day. That means no matter the weather or how you are feeling your Golden Retriever will need exercise. However, it does not mean once you do the hour of exercise that you are off the hook. Your Golden Retriever will still want to play and run around during the day. If all of this physical activity does not thrill you to bits then consider getting a Great Dane instead.

A Great Dane is still a large breed dog that will require exercise. You will still need to exercise your Great Dane for 30-60 minutes per day for an adult and 90 minutes for a puppy. But once you have done that your dog will be happy to snuggle with you on the couch. Your Great Dane will put as much of himself as he can physically fit into your lap and be perfectly content to watch TV with you.

2. German Shorthaired Pointer

Golden Retrievers have a lush double-coat. This will require a lot of brushing and when the seasons change they will shed like crazy. If you do not want to or cannot devote so much time or money to grooming consider getting a German Shorthaired Pointer instead.

As the name implies a German Shorthaired Pointer has short hair and therefore requires a lot less grooming. The dog has a very distinctive look, brown heads, and speckled bodies. The experts recommend that you brush a German Shorthaired Pointer weekly and bathe as needed. Easy! It does not mean you will not find any hairs around your house. Dogs will shed no matter what breed they are.

3. Pomeranian

Golden Retriever puppies are so adorable. There is no problem with wanting a puppy, but consider that the puppy will grow up. If you just want a puppy with all the cuteness and not a puppy that will get “too big” at some point think about getting a Pomeranian.

Pomeranians are small and will stay small. They are adorable little balls of fluff that will only weigh about 5 lbs when they are full grown. Pomeranians are playful, energetic, and do not require much exercise. You will have a dog that continually looks like a puppy no matter the age.

4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Kids always say that they will take care of the dog and do everything it requires to keep the dog happy. But we all know that the newness wears off and the kids start to slack off. A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a good alternative to a Golden Retriever.

A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel will give all the love and snuggles a Golden Retriever can give without the huge burden of taking care of the dog. The Spaniel does not require much exercise or grooming. You can easily take care of those things if and when the kids start to forget.

5. Rough Collie

Golden Retrievers are known for their loyalty, friendly temperaments, and their easy attitude with kids. However, they come with many health problems that can be hard to deal with. Rough Collie dogs have very similar temperaments but different health problems.

When you choose to get a dog make sure you do your research and pick the breed that is really right for you and your family.

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Last Update: May 9, 2020