25 Interesting Facts About Gravity

August 1, 2023
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  1. bobby9 says:

    #14 is incorrect.
    Gravity does not travel at the speed of light. It is instantaneous Although mathematics has already proved this, the same mistake continues to be repeated. It can be witnessed in Quantum Entanglement and was expounded by Sir Isaac Newton. if gravity traveled as slow as light speed our solar system would fall apart. Until we get past this misconception further scientific advancements will continue to falter.

    1. Admin says:

      Any source for you claims?

      1. Vlazgax says:

        I was thinking about the same thing… Source please.

      2. Don Maximus says:

        Gravity does not travel. It is neither a particle or wave. It is a force caused by distortion of space.

        1. Rushi says:

          No. Gravity is indeed is made up of gravitons. Which are particles like quarks. They travel at the speed of light and cause gravitation effect along the way. Nothing can travel faster than light so far, apparently. And so neither can gravity.

    2. Joe says:

      #14 is correct. Bobby9, sorry buddy. If gravity traveled faster than light, then you could signal with it at faster than light speed. Which means we would be able to detect the annihilation of the sun before its light vanished. Believing in superluminary signaling is like betting against Einstein. I wouldn’t do it. He was an under-rated intellect. Bobby9, quantum entanglement is an instantaneous effect, but it, too, can not be used to signal at faster than light speeds. The presence of quantum entanglement can only be inferred by correlating the results of separate measurements, but … at sub-light speed.

  2. Karl M says:

    wikipedia search on speed of gravity says a lot – including it travels at light speed.

  3. wilber says:

    any one have a source for number 20?
    (or an equation / explanation?)

  4. Douche baggett says:

    Yes, of course. Wikipedia cannot be wrong.

    1. Niggorino says:

      Yet you use it for your homework in college 😉

  5. Ashley says:

    #14 is correct and wrong at the same time.

  6. Ashley says:

    #12 I think is wrong

  7. aaron says:

    They’re all wrong. Great Cthulu controls the multi-verse with his giant pecker.

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