Here are 15 Interesting Facts About Halloween.

1-5 Interesting Facts About Halloween

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1. Many shelters won’t allow black cats to be adopted around the Halloween season for the fear that they may be sacrificed or tortured. – Source

2. In the several cities in Texas, people on the sex offender registry are ordered to keep their outdoor lights off on Halloween. – Source

3. The only case of poisoning from Halloween candy was a father killing his own son for $40,000 insurance money. – Source

4. When Ronald Clark O’Bryan was executed in 1984 for the poisoning his son’s Halloween candy with cyanide, a group of college students showed up wearing Halloween masks to cheer on the execution.

5. The first Darwin Award Nominee was a student, who dressed as Dracula for Halloween. He positioned a pine board down his shirt so he could “realistically” kill himself. He used a sharp blade, which split the wood and killed him. His last words were “I really did it!” as he staggered from his room. – Source

6-10 Interesting Facts About Halloween

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6. Once spooky halloween myth is true. The jack-o-lantern mushrooms glow so bright you can literally walk through forests using their light on a cloudy night – Source

7. The Irish invented Halloween. It was originally a Celtic festival called Samhain, which celebrated the harvest. – Source

8. Many towns in the UK won’t sell eggs and flour to under 16 year olds, in the weeks leading up to Halloween to curb ‘anti-social behavior’. – Source

9. Halloween candy made with palm oil contributes to deforestation of orangutan’s natural habitat – Source

10. Americans will spend around $7 Billion on Halloween, and another $447 Billion for Christmas. – Source

11-15 Interesting Facts About Halloween

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11. Anoka, Minnesota, was the first city in America to officially hold a Halloween celebration, in an effort to divert kids from pulling pranks like tipping outhouses and letting cows loose to run around on Main Street. – Source

12. Iceland doesn’t really celebrate Halloween, but they do however celebrate “Öskudagur” where they dress up in costumes and go to various stores and sing for candy. – Source

13. A 23-year-old man from Northern England was arrested in November 2012 for possession of class A drugs after he gave cocaine to children on Halloween. – Source

14. In 2005, in Frederica, Delaware, apparent suicide of a woman found hanging from a tree went unreported for hours because people passing by thought the body was just another Halloween decoration. – Source

15. Childbirths tend to increase or decrease on certain holidays, with 3.6% more births on Valentine’s Day, and 5.3% less births on Halloween. – Source

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