December 31, 2006
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  1. Claire says:

    what was it, anyway? some kind of bone growing outside his head? :/

  2. Joel says:

    Was there one on both sides? -I bet some junk rockers would love to have that! 😮

  3. Andrea says:

    OMG horned man peculiar!! I wonder why it happens mostly in China??

  4. donald jackson says:

    why anyone find the man.why anyone want both sides.how do china growing bone outsid there head.

  5. Jeremy says:

    It’s totally keratin (like your nails) growing out of his head! So, it is a horn, but not technically a horn because the keratin is surrounded by a bone on animals

  6. Cherry says:

    Andrea: China has such a huge population, so many cases happen there.

  7. i think it’s not really a horn, he needs to see a doctor.

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