HORNED HUMANS – Wang the Human Unicorn

November 3, 2006
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  1. Sam E. says:

    Ive seen images of a horned chicken.

  2. Joel says:

    That’s pretty cool. I mean I would not want it on me, but hopefully studying these anomalies makes us understand and tolerate them better.


  3. Baylie says:

    That is like the freakiest thing I’ve ever heard and seen. Although, I fully respect this man because of what he may have been through, bullying and such in childhood maybe.

  4. seth mitchell says:

    i am researching the idea of growing my own horns. i’ll have to wait until i finally leave society, but i’m very excited about the idea. I would really appreciate any info any one may have on this experimental operation.

  5. Hanneke says:

    The horns of Moses: this is said to be a text copying error. Moses descended the mountain “coronatus” (crowned) but the copyist forgot one “o” resulting in Moses descending the mountain “cornatus”, meaning “horned”.

    -Thanks to my teacher in ancient Greek in Highschool!

  6. Katy says:

    Interesting. Does anyone know whether you can get the horn removed or not?

  7. Rev.E.SideShow says:

    Does any one actually read the text? Yes they can be removed + sometimes they grow back!

  8. Terri Dean says:

    I clicked on the link “Still, the occasional case does crop up” and it brought up a page on Orange news, but I didn’t see any article pertaining to the condition. Does the link need to be redirected, or did I just miss it?

  9. Sernia Mines says:

    i indeed have a 10 inch horn on my head it really isent that bothersome to me anymore but in highschool i was merselssly teased i dont want it removed its a part of me

  10. Me says:

    Is he from Wales?

  11. Josh says:

    god how I wish I had horns…

  12. chuyakzzz says:

    i think its not a unicorn
    it is majimboo (dragon ball z)

  13. tara cha says:

    I have two small horns protruding from my skull, they are about 1 inch each. what does this mean?

  14. Heidi says:

    I worked in a nursing home Once, and there was an elderly woman with two blunt horns, which would continue to grow after removal. I was very surprised the first time I saw her up close! But a beautiful lady all the same.

  15. C-murder says:

    bullied haha. someone was bullying me i would spear them to the wall with my horn

  16. Kimberlie Gardner says:

    The man in the picture did have a mold made of his head and horn. There’s more here:


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