Horrors of History – Part 2: Torture Devices From the Past

September 14, 2015
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  1. Jason Thorn says:

    Medical science has proven that Jesus was dead when he was pierced by the spear, as evidenced by the separation of “blood and water” that issued from the wound.

    Also, the wrists were considered part of the hand. Otherwise, the nails would have ripped through the palms, causing Him to fall off the cross.

    1. DanBearPig says:

      @Jason Thorn – Surely this comment was a joke ? (Genuinely curious.)

      1. Amanda says:

        I don’t get it, why would this be a joke? Please explain?

    2. noobPwner says:

      Lmao no it has not proven such a thing which is why the comment is a joke. Your hands can be nailed to a cross without you falling off. Literally every year there is a celebration where men volunteer to be nailed to a cross to experience some of the suffering Jesus experienced. If they tried to put those big nails in their wrist they would exsanguinate too quickly and there would not have been a need for anyone to offer Jesus fluids from the sponge/rag off the spear. He would have already been unconscious from blood loss which is why they chose the hands. If you are going to hate on Jesus please at least educate yourself and then keep your mouth shut

  2. Browser says:

    Haha “The Brazen Bull dates all the way bake…” I see what you did there!

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