We asked our regular contributors through e-mail How are you really? We got many interesting responses. Here are some of them. We have just copied and pasted their responses, not editing them in any way.

1. Not great. Go through the motions, live day to day, just keep going hoping it gets better one of these days…

– xtinav86

2. This is your life, I’m just in it.

– hooleyoh

3. According to my lawyer I don’t have to answer that question.

– EmileeHaven185

4. I’m just existing at this point.

– Rested-stock

5. I’m tired, boss.

– URGreat

6. I feel like a single grain of sand on a whole beach.

– Gordleborg

7. I feel awake for the first time in a long time.

– Wooden-Isopod-33

8. Doing my best to find the positive in life. The best thing to make me feel better is gassing up the people in my life- being there, and listening to strangers and loved ones alike.

Underlying all of that though, a solid teaspoon of Somberness.

– PigmentoAvacado

9. Best I have been in a long while, makes a nice change.

– Sad-Client-There

10. Tired, depressed, overthinking, and just need a hug.

– TheLongShlongSilver

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Last Update: June 16, 2022